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Tyler, Texas is an active city with a population of 107,000 citizens as of 2014. Economically, much of the city is employed by highly successful manufacturers. It is to be expected that with manufacturing companies, there are numerous opportunities in logistics. Furthermore, with logistic opportunities there are many trucks that are frequently sent to and from the city. Although this is wonderful for the economic growth of the companies and the city, it presents a higher likelihood of trucking accidents.

Highway and road safety are always a major concern. It’s important to keep the roads of Tyler, Texas safe from harm. While it is common knowledge that fate cannot always be controlled, when truck accidents do occur, it’s crucial to know where to find ultimate protection from legal misfortune.

The Doan Law Firm offers the residents of Tyler, Texas the peace of mind needed when a victim has been involved in an accident with a truck. Whether you or a loved one was involved in such an unfortunate occurrence, you can rest assured that the Doan Law Firm will provide excellent care and services to your every legal need.

Different Types of Truck Accidents

Head On Collision- This is self-explanatory. Many factors can contribute to this type of accident. If you were in your lane and a trucker hit you head on, you have a strong case!

Distracted Driving- Perhaps the trucker was eating a hamburger while driving. Part of the sandwich may have spilled into his lap and for a split second, he removed his focus from the road and to the mess in his lap. During this ordeal, he wrecked his truck and thus, involving you in the accident. We can protect you from the distracted trucker!

Air Brake Failure- At the trucker’s last weigh station, his air brakes were operating perfectly! Unfortunately, on the interstate, his air brakes suddenly failed and he hits you. No worries, the Doan Law Firm has you covered!

Truck Load Lost on Roadway- Perhaps the trucker was halfway to his destination when his load spilled out onto the highway during rush hour! Unfortunately, his load damaged your car and injured you. Yes, it’s definitely a mess but our law firm can promise you a successful outcome.

Falling Asleep at the Wheel- This is a common struggle for many road truckers. When their days consist of driving nonstop for fifteen hours in a day, it’s expected for there to be a struggle with heavy eyes. However, it can be dangerous for not only the trucker but for other vehicles around him. If you were involved in an accident where the trucker fell asleep, The Doan Law Firm can protect you.

Weather-Related Accidents- It is crucial for every road trucker to be aware of weather conditions while driving deliveries and loads across the country. If a trucker was forced to make a deadline through a severe ice storm and T-boned your car due to high speeds on the ice, you have a case! If you had an accident with a trucker during a tornado event or any other type of severe storm, you have a case!

Why hire an experienced Truck Accident Lawyer from The Doan Firm

If you have walked out of the wreckage safely and still have access to a phone, immediately call for help.

Determine if there were any witnesses. The testimony of a witness can greatly help your case. Be sure to notate every detail.

If you have access to a camera, take plenty of pictures. These can help in proving your case.

Finally, if your accident occurred in Tyler, Texas, contact The Doan Law Firm. They understand fully how unfair the trucking companies and insurance companies can be. Although these institutions promise to provide fair results, it isn’t always the case. The Tyler truck accident attorneys at The Doan Law Firm are able to offer you the type of protection needed in order to win cases involving truck accidents. With their compassion, knowledge of the law, extensive experience and ability to research the most complicated of issues, it is a guarantee they can defend you in your pursuit to gain proper compensation.

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