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An airbag is one of the most important safety components in your vehicle. If it fails to go off in an accident, it could lead to serious injury or even death. If it goes off when it isn’t supposed to, it could also cause serious injury or death. Those who have been hurt by a defective airbag may want to consult with an attorney today to learn more about their rights.

An Airbag Defect Lawyer Will Review Your Case for Free

An airbag defect lawyer from the Doan Law Firm will review your case for free and help you learn more about your rights after you have been hurt. There is a good chance that if you have been hurt by a defective airbag, there are hundreds or even thousands of others who have been hurt as well. This means that you have the chance to call attention to a major safety issue that automakers or others may be trying to keep quiet.

Don’t Try Your Case Without an Airbag Defect Attorney

While it is within your rights to try a case without the help of an airbag defect attorney, you should know that that the manufacturer and the car companies will have attorneys representing them. With so much money on the line as well as the reputation of the company that made the faulty product, you can bet that they aren’t going to admit guilt unless you force them to.

Therefore, you need an attorney who understands personal injury and product defect laws. First, you will need to prove that the airbag was actually defective or that the manufacturer of the airbag knew that it was distributing a faulty product. Second, it may be necessary to prove that the car company that used the faulty airbag knew that it was defective.

Finally, you may need to show that the airbag wasn’t removed or altered in any way before you were hurt. An attorney may be able to hire expert witnesses or hire outside experts to conduct tests and otherwise gather evidence to support your version of events.

Don’t Let Texas Statutes of Limitations Hinder Your Case

In addition to proving the elements related to negligence on behalf of an airbag company or automaker, your attorney will ensure that your case is filed on time. You have at least two years to file your case and may have up to 15 years in special instances. Your attorney will also make sure that other legal motions are submitted properly and on time to reduce the odds of your case being dismissed on a technicality.

How Much Is Your Waco, Texas Defective Airbag Case Worth?

Your airbag defect case could be worth millions of dollars depending on the scope and severity of your injuries. Medical bills alone could be hundreds of thousands of dollars or more even if you have insurance. Lost wages and lost future earnings could also range in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

If an airbag company or an automaker chose to disregard the safety of its customers, there could also be punitive damages added to any actual damages suffered. Those could range from $1 million all the way to $10 million or higher. However, any punitive damages awarded could be capped by state law or reduced by a judge on appeal.

In the event that an individual was killed because of a defective airbag, his or her family may pursue the case on his or her behalf. Family members are still entitled to the same damages as well compensation to pay for final expenses or to help pay for the care of a minor or an adult who relied on the deceased’s income.

Prove Your Innocence in a Defective Airbag Case

If you were involved in a crash that resulted in the injury or death of someone in your car or any other vehicle, you could be deemed liable for those injuries or deaths. However, if you can prove that a defective airbag caused those injuries or those deaths to occur, it may be possible to clear your own name or significantly reduce your own liability.

While there is nothing that anyone can do to take back the pain and suffering caused by a defective airbag, you can still provide a brighter future for yourself or your family. Winning financial relief from a jury or negotiating a settlement may make it easier to pay for medical bills or make sure that you don’t lose your home because you can no longer make money.

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