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At best, a plane crash or any other incident while in a plane can be an annoying waste of time. However, at their worst, they can result in serious injuries or even death. Therefore, it may be necessary for an injured victim or the family member of someone killed in a plane accident to talk with an aviation accident lawyer. An aviation accident attorney may be able to help an injured victim or family member of someone killed in a crash the compensation that they deserve.

Talking to a Plane Accident Lawyer Is Free

A plane accident attorney from the Doan Law Firm will be more than happy to talk with you for free. If you choose to hire us to work on your case, you won’t see a bill until it is resolved in your favor. We will pay to hire outside witnesses, have lab tests conducted or to take any other steps that will help you win your case.

We Can Provide You With a Helicopter Accident Lawyer As Well

Did you know that your odds of being hurt in a helicopter are greater than your odds of being hurt in a plane? While you may be entitled to the same type of compensation, a helicopter accident attorney will know to hire experts who have specific experience with those types of craft. This means that you will have an advocate who understands how a helicopter crash may differ from a plane crash or the reasons why a helicopter may be more likely to crash than a plane. Such expertise could be what helps you win your case in a timely manner.

How Can a Plane Accident Attorney Prove Negligence?

A plane accident attorney must be able to show that negligence occurred if an injured victim hopes to win his or her case. This may be done by pointing to issues with either the plane itself or the actions of the pilot. For instance, it may be shown that the plane had not been maintained in the past few months or years like it was supposed to.

It may also be possible to show that the pilot was drunk or otherwise too impaired to guide the plane safely to its destination. In some cases, a pilot may be required to take breaks or otherwise relinquish control to a copilot if he or she is unable to fly in a safe manner.

Air traffic controllers may be liable for a plane crash if they made an error that caused a crash. For example, if a pilot is told to increase altitude when he or she should have been told to decrease altitude in the moments before a crash, that may make the air traffic controller liable.

What Type of Compensation Can You Get in a Plane Crash Case?

A jury in Waco may find that you are entitled to reimbursement for medical bills as well as for related medical expenses. For instance, you may be entitled to cash to pay for a modified car or a modified home. Physical therapy and the cost of medication needed to keep pain or other complications from your injuries in check may also be included in a settlement.

If you have missed work or cannot go back to work, your aviation accident attorney will ensure that you get compensated for those lost wages or lost future earnings. It may also be possible to win compensation for your dependents as well to help keep them fed, clothed and sheltered as they grow up. Money for current or future educational and healthcare expenses are generally part of a settlement or jury award.

Your family may be entitled to compensation of their own. While loss of consortium or loss of parental guidance claims are separate from personal injury or wrongful death claims, your attorney may be able to help with them as well. This may allow your spouse or child to earn hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to help make up for your loss or for your inability to be in their lives in a meaningful way.

If you are in the need of an attorney to represent you or to obtain justice in the name of a family member, the Doan Law Firm is here to help. Please feel free to stop by or write to us at 7215 Bosque Blvd. Suite 110 Waco, Texas 76710. Those who feel more comfortable talking by phone can give us a call at (254) 615-0000. No matter how you get in touch with us, we will make sure to put you at ease and help you learn more about your rights and how to preserve them.

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