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Your college years should be among the best of your life. They are a time when you will transition from a teenager to an adult who is fully capable of taking care of him or herself. For some students, joining a fraternity may be part of their college experience. What happens if they are hazed or otherwise subject to excessive abuse while applying for a position in or after joining a fraternity?

Why Talk to a Waco Fraternity Hazing Lawyer?

Talking to a Waco fraternity hazing lawyer is the first step to learning, understanding and preserving your rights. If there have been any missteps in the handling of your case prior to your initial consultation, your attorney will make sure that those issues are addressed so that they don’t interfere with your ability to seek justice.

It is important to note that anything that you tell your attorney is privileged, and this may be true regarding anything that you say during an initial consultation. Therefore, you should have no qualms about giving your side of the story even if it may differ from any statements that you have given in the past.

You Should Never Feel Threatened or Intimidated By Another Person

There is a line between playing a practical joke in good fun and making someone feel uncomfortable or concerned for their safety. If you feel like you are put in a position where you may be vulnerable to physical, emotional or sexual abuse, you should consider talking to an attorney immediately. While most schools and fraternities themselves have rules prohibiting abuse, there is no guarantee that they will be enforced unless the school or the fraternity is compelled to.

What to Look for From a Fraternity Hazing Attorney

Your attorney should have an interest in both you and your case. Our attorneys will take the time to get to know you as a person as opposed to just another client. Doing so makes it easier for a victim to open up and give his or her attorney the best chance to pursue justice for that person.

In a hazing case, an attorney should be sensitive to the fact that an individual may feel shame, guilt or embarrassment. However, good legal counsel understands that you are not the one who broke the law and have nothing to hide or feel ashamed of. While you don’t have to say or do anything after filing your lawsuit, your willingness to talk may be helpful in ensuring that your assailants are held responsible for their actions.

You May Not Be Alone in Your Allegations

Under Texas law, you will have two years to bring your case to court. After that time, you may not be able to hold those who hurt you accountable for their actions. In some cases, you may be certified as part of a class action lawsuit. What this means it that your case and ones similar to it will be heard and resolved at the same time.

If you are considered part of a class suit, you have the ability to opt out to pursue your own litigation. However, the ability to be part of a class may make it easier to seek justice without being put in the spotlight as an individual. It may also make it easier to put an end to systemic hazing or abuse assuming that your case is just one of many involving that particular group.

You Pay Nothing Until You Win Your Case

You don’t have to pay for a Waco, Texas fraternity hazing lawyer until you win your case. Your initial consultation is free and you don’t pay court costs or other expenses until the case has been resolved in your favor. If you have any medical bills or other costs related to the case, an attorney may be able to help you postpone paying them until after you have received your settlement money.

To learn more about how we can help you win your fraternity hazing case, visit us or write to us at 7215 Bosque Blvd. Suite 110 Waco, Texas 76710. We will be happy to sit down with you to review your case and provide any other assistance that may be needed. You can also give us a call to get a free case evaluation or otherwise find out more about our firm at (254) 615-0000.

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