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The number of personal and commercial vehicles that travel on the Waco roads have made motorcycle accidents a common occurrence.

In most cases involving motorcycles, drivers have been found to be at fault through:

  • Poor vehicle maintenance
  • Reckless driving
  • Other circumstances

For Waco motorcycle victim compensation, the victim has the task of proving driver negligence. Our experience tells us that most motorcycle accident victims are not capable of proving negligence on their own. The Doan Law Firm can step in with their experienced motorcycle accident personal injury lawyers.

If you or someone you love suffers an injury in a Waco motorcycle accident, the motorcycle accident personal injury lawyers of the Doan Law Firm will provide the resources, experience, and compassion needed to pursue rightful compensation.

The initial consultation is a no obligation, free of charge meeting. Pressing questions receive answers and determination of the merits of the case takes place. An explanation of the best path forward is part of the pressure-free consultation

When providing our services, cases are contingency-based. No upfront or other legal costs payment is necessary. We obtain our fee after landing a successful motorcycle claim outcome. That fee is a small percentage of your settlement. If we fail to achieve a successful motorcycle claim outcome, you owe us nothing.

The Doan Law Firm offers a vast amount of practical experience and knowledge about motorcycle accidents. Including accidents involving:

  • Motorcycle-car collisions
  • Sudden-stop collisions
  • Single-bike accidents
  • Open door accidents

Many motorcycle accidents present unique issues. Some have no association with typical mishaps and accidents. Some of the concerns are:

  • Insurance coverage issues
  • Negligent maintenance claims
  • Likelihood of serious injury or death
  • Government regulations and rules

Medical issues are likely the most emotionally and physically demanding issued faced on the road to recovery. Issues encompass such things as:

  • Life-threatening injuries
  • Rehabilitation
  • Expensive Medications
  • Communicating with healthcare providers
  • Insurance coverage

The complexities of the medical community are hard to understand. The system interacts with insurance agencies and the legal system. Simple mistakes that cause tremendous problems are easy to make. Physicians, incorrectly informed, inadvertently cause significant insurance claim complications. Failure to be treated by the proper specialist prolongs recovery or makes it impossible.

The Doan Law Firm Difference

The Doan Law Firm outlines the medical issues that arise from a motorcycle accident, so the medical care received is quick and without confusion. Statistics show motorcycle drivers are 16 times more likely to suffer death and injuries are three times more likely than for drivers of traditional vehicles. Motorcycle riders are subject to significantly more exposure than automobile occupants, making them more vulnerable to injury.

The leading cause of motorcycle deaths is head injuries. Less severe, but frequent injuries resulting from a motorcycle collision are skin abrasions. Motorcycle riders often use their legs and arms to soften a fall and avoid injury. The impact often causes leg and wrist injuries.

If the magnitude of the collision or the injuries endured is significant, psychological trauma sometimes requires treatment. PTSD is a disorder that stems from terrifying or intense emotional experiences. Emotional numbness, insomnia, and flashbacks occur.

The interaction between legal, insurance, and medical issues makes it imperative to act appropriately. A personal injury lawyer often requests notification before each medical appointment. Motorcycle victims sometimes act as if injuries are not as severe as they truly are to avoid appearing weak. The victim pretends to be unaffected when they are experiencing pain.

Making light of pain causes more trouble than one expects. A misdiagnosis causes a patient to receive the wrong treatment, medication, or therapy necessary to recuperate. Lies cause insurance problems also. Reports of minimized pain sometimes result in the cessation of payment for treatment. The physician’s records are evidence the patient feels healthy.

The Doan Law Firm understands the practical problems, and the legal and insurance issues associated with a Waco motorcycle accident. Our goal is to protect the interest of our clients and get the fullest and fairest compensation for them. We go to court if necessary to protect your interests.

Hire an experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer from The Doan Law Firm

Many times victims are not entirely aware of the extent of injuries and losses that occurred. Texas has strict statutes of limitations. The constraints make it imperative to have specialized legal counsel working for you immediately after a motorcycle accident. If injuries place you in a position that makes traveling difficult, the Doan Law Firm goes to you, no matter the destinations. We have held consultations in hospital rooms, homes, and places of business. For the best possible advice, contact the Doan Law Firm personal injury lawyers. The telephone number is 800-913-0075. We are available around the clock, including holidays. We are happy to be of service.

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