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Wichita Falls motorcycle accidents represent legal problems that are complex in nature. Due to the complexity, you need a motorcycle accident injury lawyer working for you to obtain the desired outcome and verdict. The lawyer needs the training and experience dictated by the compound type of litigation. Knowledge on all aspects of motorcycle accident law is necessary. Laws, applying to these cases, often lead to complications only a lawyer is capable of anticipating and proactively defending.

The Doan Law Firm motorcycle accident personal injury lawyers have the experience and knowledge needed to represent you or a family member in a Wichita Falls motorcycle accident.

In the pursuit of rightful compensation, they provide resources, knowledge, and compassion.

The no obligation consultation is free. In that meeting we provide answers to pressing questions, determine the merits of your case, and suggest how to proceed.

If hired, we take the case on a contingency basis. No upfront or other legal costs occur during litigation. Only if we are successful, we receive a small percentage of the settlement as our fee.

Looking at Both Sides of the Issue

Most traffic law violations and motorist errors are due to negligent driving. When the negligence causes an accident with injuries, the law states a breach of the obligation to the other driver occurred. Motorcyclists injured as a result of negligence have a legal right to seek compensation for injuries and related costs. Motorcyclists also have the obligation to other motorists.

The primary issue juries decide when a motorcycle accident case ends up in a trial is who breached the obligation to the other motorist. Judges give jurors instructions to use as a basis for a verdict. Primary instructions usually include the acknowledgement that the motorist and motorcyclist had an equal obligation to each other.

Did they:

  • Lookout for each other properly
  • Comply with traffic laws
  • Use reasonable means to avoid an accident

Size Matters

In a collision between another vehicle and a motorcycle, there is little chance of all parties walking away unharmed. Serious injury caused by the difference in size and weight is almost certain.

Motorcycle insurance companies face accidents on a frequent basis. They hire attorneys that make a courtroom situation formidable. You need to hire a firm that aggressively represents your rights against insurance and manufacturer lawyers representing their clients.

The Doan Law Firm has just that kind of Wichita Falls motorcycle accident injury lawyers. We fully represent you to obtain lawfully deserved compensation. Other factors of a motorcycle accident become part of our investigation.

They include:

  • The use of alcohol or drugs
  • Following too close
  • Changing or using lane inappropriately
  • Not paying attention
  • Speeding
  • Violations regarding signals and signs

Calculating Motorcycle Accident Damage

Personal injury cases have two kinds of damages, those capable of being calculated exactly and those that are not capable of being calculated accurately. Special damage is the term used to describe damage having an exact dollar amount attached to it. Pain and suffering are examples of damages incapable of calculation.

Special damages include lost earnings and earning capacity that happened in the past, are currently in place, and those in the future that relate to the motorcycle accident. Medical bills, employment benefits, and other financial losses fall under the special damages category.

No guidelines for pain and suffering exist. There is no chart of reference for juries to use when awarding compensation for this category. Judges, typically, ask juries to use experience, background, and good sense in making a determination.

Calculating lost earnings is not as easy as it sounds. Past earnings are no problem. Add up the employment benefits and wages lost due to being out of work.

Calculating future earnings is more difficult. A lawyer hires an economist to present lost future earnings accurately to a jury. Based on race, sex, and age, the federal government developed a statistical measure of work life expectancy. The measure determines the number of expected work years in the future. Calculating how the current earning potential projects into the future is the complicated calculation that requires the expertise of an economist.

Why You Need An Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Being unaware of the full extent of injuries and losses they have or are likely to arise in the future, is detrimental to a motorcycle accident claim. Texas has stringent statutes of limitation. Having specialized legal counsel defending you is of the utmost importance. If injuries make traveling impossible, we meet clients on their turf. We conduct business in hospital rooms, homes, and places of employment.

We are available day and night, including holidays. Call us at (800) 349-0000. We look forward to hearing from you.

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