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Gas prices and the enjoyment of the open road make motorcycle riding more prevalent on Beaumont, Texas highways. Because of the high-speed capability and minimal occupant protection, motorcycles are dangerous highway vehicles. Studies show motorcycle crashes cost the most per person per mile. The number of motorcycles involved in accidents and related injuries is on the increase. Our Beaumont motorcycle accident lawyer is here to help if you suffer a collision.

Data collected regarding accidents involving motorcycles indicates the findings that follow:

  • Three-fourths of motorcycle collisions involve other vehicles, mostly passenger automobiles.
  • One-fourth of the motorcycle accidents results from colliding with another object.
  • Defects to vehicles are rare.
  • The average victim is a male between the ages of 16 and 24.
  • Lack of attention and training are common factors of motorcycle accidents.
  • Many motorcyclists have no license or a suspended license.
  • Many motorcycle accidents are alcohol related.
  • Animal involvement, road defects, and weather are minimal causes of motorcycle accidents.
  • Speeding is frequently a factor in motorcycle accidents.

Making a left turn in front of a motorcycle is the most common cause of motorcycle accidents. The importance of a motorcyclist being aware of his or her surroundings is impossible to overemphasize. Motorists fail to pay attention to blind spots. Motorcycle riders often go unnoticed or noted too late to avoid an accident. Stalled and slow traffic are often scenes of motorcycle accidents. The bike rider attempts to get around traffic by moving between parked or slow moving vehicles. The motorcycle rider runs the risk of someone attempting to exit a car by opening the door and impeding the motorcyclist’s path.

Similarly, lane splitting is a maneuver that motorcyclists use between lanes of traffic headed in the same direction to expedite the trip. This practice is dangerous because a driver sometimes fails to see a motorcycle coming quickly and attempts to change lanes or veer over and side swipe the bike. Motorcycle accident claims include various damages legally allowed in most jurisdictions. The most common are property damage, medical bills, loss of wages, and mental anguish. Computing lost wages and out-of-pocket expenses is fairly easy. Other items such as disfiguration, vocational impairment, pain and suffering, and mental anguish are harder to evaluate.

Loss of Wages

If an injured party is unable to engage in his or her usual occupation because of a motorcycle accident injury, lost wages is a legitimate claim. W-2s or tax returns are typical forms used to substantiate a claim. Most courts do not allow a lost wage claim without a past work history. Lost wages would be considered speculative without substantiation. The hardest damages to evaluate are pain and suffering. Multiples are used by some insurance companies to arrive at a compensation figure. Adjusters focus more on actual monetary damages and underestimate the claims for mental anguish.

How Our Beaumont Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Can Help

Before settling a motorcycle accident claim, contact the Doan Law Firm, especially if the adjuster does not take the anguish and pain claim seriously. The Doan Law Firm lawyers, experienced in motorcycle accident compensation, advise potential clients of the best course of action to take against the liable party. Hiring them to assist is wise and economical. The Doan Law Firm is exceptionally well-versed in Beaumont personal injury law.

Those injured in a motorcycle accident, especially one that caused significant damage, benefit from the qualifications and dynamics of the Doan Law Firm personal injury lawyers. Insurance carriers often label motorcyclists as careless and attempt to take advantage of them. The prejudicial attitude is based solely on the driver’s decision to travel on a two-wheel vehicle. Even the most careful motorcycle driver has little recourse against dangers and negligence found on the road. Choose a motorcycle personal injury lawyer with substantial experience representing motorcyclists, and those injured by motorcyclists.

Doan Law Firm attorneys receive an education on the common problems and dangers faced by motorcyclists. They have experience in litigation on behalf of victims of motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle personal injury lawyers at Doan Law Firm have the ability, willingness, and resources to take a case to trial when necessary.

The Doan Law Firm Takes Cases on a Contingency Basis

The fee is a small percentage of the settlement awarded. There are no fees charged unless the case has a favorable outcome. Victims of motorcycle accidents in Beaumont, Texas and the surrounding area regularly seek representation from the Doan Law Firm personal injury lawyers. Contact The Doan Law Firm. Our Beaumont and Houston motorcycle accident lawyers are available around the clock. The firm even keeps hours on holidays. If coming to them is made impossible because of injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident, the Doan Law Firm personal injury lawyers will make arrangements for a consultation at the home, place of business, or hospital room of a potential client, no matter how far away they are.

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