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Rebuilding Your Life After an Oil Refinery Accident

It’s the stuff of Hollywood horror films. In many, many ways, that is a fair and accurate description of an oil refinery accident. These calamities typically involve deadly explosions and fires, resulting in the deaths of workers. Moreover, those workers that survive a devastating oil refinery accident oftentimes face severe injury that require extended medical care and rehabilitation. While these women and may survive a refinery accident, their lives are never the same. If you find yourself in the aftermath of such a disaster, The Doan Law Firm Midland-Odessa refinery accident lawyer team is here for you right now at (432) 653-0000.

What Are Common Catastrophic Refinery Accident Injuries?

The grim reality is that a refinery accident oftentimes results in workers and others sustaining severe and even fatal injuries. Because of the nature of refinery accident injuries, refineries and their insurance companies are apt to engage in claim settlement practices designed to thwart you from obtaining the compensation you deserve in your case. Examples of catastrophic refinery accident injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injury or TBI
  • Spinal column injury
  • Severe burns
  • Cuts, lacerations, and other wounds
  • Broken bones
  • Internal organ damage
  • Permanent disabilities
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress, including depression and PTSD

Reclassifying Midland-Odessa Refinery Accidents in the Claims Process

The stark reality is that a notable number of workers are severely injured or killed in refinery accidents. In some instances, a mass casualty event occurs that results in the injury and death of multiple oil refinery workers. In other cases, an oil refinery accident occurs that results in the injury or death of one or two dedicated workers. Our Midland-Odessa explosion accident attorneys are here to help you explore your legal options following an incident.

Coming to a clear understanding of the rate of refinery injuries and deaths in the United States, including from Midland-Odessa refinery accidents, is challenging. The true injury and death rate associated with refinery accidents are hidden and concealed.

Starting with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, only a fraction of the injuries and deaths that occur in a refinery are categorized as being associated with this type of facility. Because of this massive effort at what fairly can be called misclassification, the actual number of injuries and deaths associated with refinery accidents are not fully recorded.

Take for example the catastrophic Texas City refinery explosion in which 15 workers were killed at the facility, with scores more being injured. In the end, none of the workers killed in this devastating refinery explosion were classified as losing their lives in a refinery accident. They were listed as dying in obtuse classifications that included fabricated plate work fatality, special unclassified trade contractors, and unclassified heavy construction.

The diversion of the reality of these types of accident injuries and fatalities clouds the overall process of seeking justice and compensation in the aftermath of a refinery accident. Classified as the victim of a so-called fabricated plate work fatality fails to convey the reality of a worker perishing in a catastrophic oil refinery explosion and blaze.

Why Do You Need an Attorney?

The manner in which these types of accidents and injuries are classified and addressed by insurers and others underscores the need for professional assistance from a skilled, seasoned Midland-Odessa personal injury lawyer. A seasoned, tenacious Midland-Odessa refinery accident attorney can take on the inappropriate and unfair claims settlement and other practice of insurance companies in the aftermath of a Midland-Odessa refinery accident. You can connect with an attorney with the background to fight for your rights by calling our firm at (432) 653-0000.

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