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Internal injuries can be the result of an auto accident. Immediately after an accident, some types of injuries are not evident, and when an individual is in shock they may not be aware that they have suffered an internal injury. Soft tissue damage and other internal injuries may not manifest until a later date. Blunt force and penetrating injuries such as those sustained after a car accident can cause devastating internal damage to organs. Internal organ damage may be the result of a workplace accident, such as falls or being struck in the stomach region.

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Internal injuries may be difficult to identify at once and may take time to actually manifest, the exception to that being kidney damage which can usually be recognized shortly after an accident. If you have sustained internal injuries as the result of another’s negligence, contact a catastrophic injury attorney today. The internal injury lawyers at The Doan Law Firm will fight with the knowledge and determination needed in catastrophic injury cases.

It is necessary to evaluate your case in order to advise you what to expect in your claim for compensation for damages. It is important to move quickly in such cases, and it is strongly advised that you contact an attorney for internal injury at the firm at once if you or a loved one has suffered internal injuries as the result of a car accident, workplace accident or other incident in which another individual has been negligent or reckless. Internal injuries are no small matter.

They can have a life-long effect and require ongoing and expensive medical procedures and treatments, or result in wrongful death. Serious impact on an organ can cause permanent damage to the organ and body systems it is connected to. The velocity involved in many car accidents makes it a miracle when the injured person survives. Contact an internal injury lawyer immediately if you are the victim of internal injury, and medical attention to your injuries is always the first priority. Our legal team is dedicated to assisting clients who are seeking fair and full compensation for the damages they have suffered.

Contact an internal injury attorneyfrom The Doan Law Firm if you are have suffered internal injuries due to the negligence of another party. We are always open, day and night. Call the firm for a free consultation.

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