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Why It’s Important to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer with Trial Experience

If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident, you shouldn’t just hire a lawyer. You want a truck accident lawyer with trial experience who can back up their threats. Too many lawyers serve as settlement mills because they are afraid to go to court and demand the justice their clients need. Not The Doan Law Firm. We have recovered record-breaking verdicts and take truck accident cases nationwide.

Here is why you need the help of an experienced trial lawyer:

Investigate the Accident

An experienced truck accident attorney in Houston will start by launching an in-depth investigation to determine how the accident occurred and who is to blame for it. Even though the trucking company and their insurance company might investigate the accident, don’t count on these investigations playing in your favor. They want to protect the company’s profits, so they’ll do anything they can to shift blame and avoid liability.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration only requires trucking companies to retain important evidence for a certain time after a crash. An experienced lawyer can get to the scene and gather their own evidence. They can also send spoliation of evidence letters so that the trucking company is required to preserve evidence. If this crucial step is not taken, you can lose valuable evidence forever. Truck accident attorneys can also hire accident reconstruction specialists who can use data from the truck’s black box and other information to reconstruct how the crash occurred.

File All Insurance Claims

There may be several parties who share responsibility for a truck accident. An experienced truck accident attorney can file insurance claims to maximize your potential compensation. Your lawyer can send a detailed demand letter that sets out the legal basis for the claim and the amount of compensation you will accept in exchange for not suing them.

Negotiate for Fair Compensation

Truck accidents can result in significant damage to accident victims. They may suffer painful injuries that prevent them from ever working again. They may have considerable medical expenses to treat and rehabilitate from these injuries. They may have missed considerable time from work. Accident victims may be experiencing tremendous pain and suffering, along with a toll on their mental health and their relationships with loved ones.

An experienced trial lawyer knows all of the damages to demand. They know what they can pursue in court if the insurance company or defendant does not make a fair offer, and they’re not afraid to sue if they don’t.

Represent You at Trial

One reason you need an experienced trial lawyer is that your case may go to trial. Trucking companies often aggressively fight lawsuits against them, recognizing the significant compensation they may owe to victims. You need a lawyer who can stand up to these companies and demand the justice you deserve.

Going to trial involves filing a legal complaint, properly serving the defendants, filing appropriate motions, and conducting extensive discovery. Then, your lawyer must be prepared to present evidence, examine witnesses, and challenge the trucking company’s defense.

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