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Galveston is known for its pristine beaches, tropical weather and high-energy parties. It is also, unfortunately, known for its car accidents. Young people flock to Galveston each year for weeks of partying and drinking and often get into traffic accidents. While many of these accidents are alcohol related, some are just a result of increased traffic and inexperienced drivers. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for people under 34, and many of these crashes are due to driver inexperience. A Galveston car accident attorney with The Doan Law Firm is ready to address your case and seek compensation for you or a loved one’s injuries.

Who is Most Likely to Get Into a Collision?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the first eight months of driving are the most hazardous. Drivers in this category are eight times more likely to be involved in a car accident than more experienced drivers. Young male drivers are more likely than female drivers to be involved in an auto accident than any other demographic. These drivers create a hazard not only for themselves, but for other drivers as well.

What Should You Do After a Galveston Car Accident?

There are several steps that you should take if you find yourself involved in a traffic accident. First, get help for any injured motorists. Time is of the essence when it comes to treating even minor injuries, and first responders can stabilize anyone has been seriously hurt. If it is safe to do so, move all cars to a safe place so they don’t cause additional accidents. Be sure to get any contact information, including insurance information, from any other drivers involved in the accident. If there are witnesses at the scene, collect their contact information as well.

In many cases, the police will come to the scene of an accident and take a report. Avoid admitting fault to the police. Simply state the facts of what happened and do not volunteer additional information. It is important not to discuss the accident with the other driver or any witnesses at the scene. People will often say seemingly innocent things like, “wow, I didn’t even see that stop sign,” or “I’m sorry, I must have not been paying attention,” to the other driver. This will be used against you later to determine that you were at fault in the accident and thus not entitled to financial compensation.

If the other driver’s insurance company calls you or offers you a settlement, discuss it with your Galveston personal injury attorney first. Allow your attorney to talk to the other insurance company on your behalf.

Determining Fault in a Car Accident

Sometimes it is quite clear who was at fault in an accident. A crash in which one driver rear ends another driver is usually the fault of the car in the back. An accident in which a driver making a left turn hits the driver going straight is pretty clear cut. The reality, however, is that most cases are not so simple. Accidents are dynamic, and more often than not there are several factors at play when two cars collide. One accident can include multiple elements—poor weather conditions, a distracted driver, a roadway obstruction—and it can be a challenge to determine exactly who is at fault. Your experienced attorney will sort through the accident and help to fight for your rights to any financial compensation to which you are entitled.

How is Litigation Started in a Car Accident Case?

In most cases, your lawyer will simply talk to the other driver’s lawyer and try to reach a settlement. The majority of cases are concluded at this stage, as most people don’t want to go to trial or undergo a lengthy court battle. There are times, however, when the lawyers will not be able to reach a favorable agreement. In these cases, you may have your case tried in front of a judge. Preparing for this possibility is important when you have been involved in a car accident. To prepare for your car accident trial, keep all medical records, police reports and documentation from your accident. If you have photos, develop them and enlarge them to make sure all details are shown.

Speak to an Experienced Galveston Car Accident Attorney Today

It is important to communicate with your attorney often to keep him apprised of any changes in your health if you have accident related injuries. Car accidents happen every day. The key to dealing with the after effects of a car accident is to understand what to do after the accident. Having an experienced attorney on your side is the best way to get the compensation you are entitled to if the other driver is at fault. Insurance companies will often try to offer less than your injuries and damages are worth, leaving you to pay off hefty bills. Having an attorney on your side will protect your rights and give you aggressive representation should you need to go to trial. Contact your Galveston or Houston car accident attorney for a consultation today.

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