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Galveston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The Doan Law Firm provides compassionate, comprehensive, and experienced representation for Galveston clients and their families injured in a motorcycle accident. The victims and families of the accident deserve compensation from the negligent parties for:

  • Vehicle damage
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Other damages caused by negligent party behavior

Motorcycle accidents are traumatic under any circumstances, especially when serious injuries occur. Without an experienced, competent Galveston motorcycle accident lawyer on your side, chances are less likely that full and rightful compensation materializes.

Filing a motorcycle accident lawsuit requires a list of complex determinations that include:

  • Calculating current and future medical expenses
  • Insurance coverage issues
  • Allocation and determination of fault

The Doan Law Firm aggressively pursues negligent drivers and monitors the costs that occurred and possible future costs resulting from injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident by you or a family member. Our practices ensure the recovery of a fair amount that the law allows.

Vehicle Insurance Requirements in Galveston

Galveston insurance regulations are quite detailed. Situations exist in which an insurance policy fails to cover all the costs, medical or otherwise, related to a motorcycle accident. Texas requires drivers to have both proof of financial responsibility and liability insurance. The amounts of minimum coverage are not adequate to compensate a motorcycle accident victim. You or someone in your family sustaining a Galveston motorcycle accident injury is a cause for the Doan Law Firm personal injury lawyers to provide the necessary resources and experience to pursue deserved compensation.

How Our Galveston Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Can Help

A free, no obligation consultation initiates the process. Without pressuring you, we answer pressing questions, discover the merits of a case, and suggest the best path forward. Hiring our firm requires no upfront or other legal costs for the duration of the case. Our fee is contingency-based. We receive a small percentage of the settlement amount. If we are unable to bring about a successful outcome, there is no charge.

The sheer weight and size difference between a motorcycle and other vehicle makes motorcycle accidents a serious type of accident. There is nearly always severe damage. It is not unusual for serious injuries or wrongful death to occur. Our firm looks for causes of the accident that include:

  • Drug abuse
  • Fatigue
  • Aggressive or reckless driving

Even with what appears to be clear proof of negligence, receiving fair compensation for a motorcycle accident is difficult for an inexperienced individual. Because the Galveston personal injury attorneys at The Doan Law Firm have experience handling complex motorcycle accident litigation, it is to your advantage to have them on your side. We take clients, step by step, through the complexities of the case. We work tirelessly for fair and full compensation for our client and their families. Expect the duly entitled compensation the law allows.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for a Motorcycle Accident?

Depending upon the circumstances, a suit against many responsible parties is possible. They include:

  • Other drivers
  • Manufacturers
  • Dealerships
  • Government

Determining how the accident happened and the party or parties at fault lead to the number of responsible parties. To find responsible parties we:

  • Review police records
  • Read statements from witnesses
  • Take photographs of the scene
  • Elicit expert opinions

The aid of an experienced Galveston car accident lawyer is necessary when questions about who is liable for the injuries in a motorcycle lawsuit arise. Putting an injured victim of a motorcycle accident in the same position he or she was in prior to the accident is the general theory behind the damages awarded. Pain and suffering are unavoidable. Damages paid to cover all costs, assign a monetary value to associated emotional and physical pain caused by the injuries, and on some rare occasions, punish seriously negligent parties responsible for the injuries are items awarded.

What Damages Can Come Out of a Galveston Motorcycle Accident Case?

Damages fall into three categories:

  • Compensatory
  • General
  • Punitive

The calculation of damages is a crucial step in a motorcycle accident lawsuit. The assistance of a lawyer and other professionals able to put a value on the injuries is required. Ordinarily, a full calculation of damages is complete before the lawsuit filing takes place. Hesitating before consulting with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney is often detrimental to a case.

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If you’re injured in a motorcycle accident and plan to take action to recover compensation, call our motorcycle accident lawyers as quickly as possible. The extent of current and future injuries and losses are not always apparent to our clients. Texas has strict statutes of limitations. Having specialized legal counsel is imperative. If injuries make traveling impossible, the Doan Law Firm’s Galveston and Houston motorcycle accident lawyers go to the injured party. We meet at the place of employment, home, or even the hospital. We are available 24 hours a day, including holidays. Contact us at (409) 206-0000. We are happy to be of service.

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