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Houston Cement Truck Accidents

Cement trucks may be needed to carry wet cement to construction sites. Since so much construction is constantly occurring in Houston and surrounding areas, there is no shortage of cement trucks on our roadways. Accidents involving these vehicles are also common. If you are hurt in an accident with a cement truck, The Doan Law Firm can help. Contact our seasoned truck accident lawyer in Houston today for a free, no-obligation case review.

Cement Truck Details

Cement trucks are responsible for carrying wet cement mixture from a batching plant to a construction site. There are two main types of cement trucks: transmit mixtures and volumetric mixtures. Transmit mixers mix and transport concrete from one site to another. Volumetric mixers churn cement at the construction site.

These trucks are made up of several critical components that must be regularly maintained to ensure the performance of the truck and make sure it works properly, including:

  • Hydraulic system
  • Bearings
  • Support legs
  • Pedestal components
  • Mix-master blades
  • Drum
  • Water tank
  • Chutes
  • Chassis
  • Engine
  • Transmission system
  • Suspension system

Any failure to maintain these critical components can result in serious cement truck accidents.

Common Causes of Cement Truck Accidents

There are certain risks inherent in operating cement trucks, including:

  • Increased risk of rollover accidents because of the high center of gravity
  • Speeding to prevent the cement from hardening before it reaches its destination
  • Longer stopping distances because of the increased weight load
  • Leaking cement that can cause additional accidents
  • Improperly loaded cement
  • Fatigued driving
  • Inadequate maintenance of the truck

Accidents involving cement trucks may involve more serious injuries because of the vehicle’s weight and force of impact of the crash.

Deadline to File a Personal Injury Claim After a Houston Cement Truck Accident

The deadline to file a personal injury lawsuit is based on the statute of limitations, which provides for the following:

Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 16.003.

TWO-YEAR LIMITATIONS PERIOD. (a) Except as provided by Sections 16.010, 16.0031, and 16.0045, a person must bring suit for trespass for injury to the estate or to the property of another, conversion of personal property, taking or detaining the personal property of another, personal injury, forcible entry and detainer, and forcible detainer not later than two years after the day the cause of action accrues.

(b) A person must bring suit not later than two years after the day the cause of action accrues in an action for injury resulting in death. The cause of action accrues on the death of the injured person.

So, in most situations, you have two years to file a lawsuit, if necessary. There are situations that may lengthen or shorten the filing window. The best way to know the deadline that applies to your claim is to contact a knowledgeable Houston personal injury lawyer.

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