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Houston FedEx Truck Accidents

FedEx is one of the largest ground shipping companies in the country, and you likely see their trucks all over Houston throughout the day. However, accidents involving FedEx vehicles can lead to major injuries and significant property damage for our residents and visitors. Here, we want to review FedEx trucking accidents and discuss how a Houston truck accident attorney may be able to help you and your loved ones recover compensation after a collision.

FedEx Truck Accident

FedEx Truck Accidents and Injuries

Recent data available from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) indicates that over the last 24 months, there have been 727 reported incidents related to FedEx vehicles. Many of these resulted in an injury or fatalities for those involved in the incidents.

Accidents with larger delivery vehicles, as most FedEx trucks are, can result in significant injuries for those inside smaller passenger cars on the roadway. Some of the most common injuries associated with FedEx truck accidents in and around the Houston area include:

  • Head injuries. Victims may suffer from traumatic brain injuries due to the impact of a collision with large FedEx trucks, ranging from mild concussions to severe brain damage.
  • Neck and spinal injuries. Whiplash and spinal cord damage are frequent outcomes due to the force exerted during crashes. These injuries can lead to temporary or permanent paralysis.
  • Broken bones. The sheer size and weight of FedEx trucks can cause severe fractures and broken bones, particularly in the limbs, ribs, and pelvis.
  • Internal injuries. Blunt abdominal trauma from an accident can result in internal bleeding and damage to organs such as the liver, kidneys, or spleen.
  • Lacerations and abrasions. Glass from shattered windows and twisted metal can cause significant cuts and scrapes.
  • Burn injuries. In cases where a collision leads to a fire, drivers and passengers in the involved vehicles can sustain minor to severe burns.
  • Psychological trauma. Beyond physical injuries, significant mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression commonly occur after traumatic accidents.

Call a FedEx Truck Accident Lawyer in Houston Today

If you or somebody you care about has been harmed in an accident involving a FedEx truck in the Houston area, please reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. Accidents involving larger vehicles, particularly those belonging to larger delivery companies, often result in complex injury and property damage claims. Even if liability for the incident is relatively straightforward, insurance carriers and legal teams for the trucking company may put up a fight from having to pay full compensation.

A skilled FedEx truck accident lawyer can offer a free consultation and discuss your next steps moving forward. You deserve compensation for your medical expenses, any lost wages you incur, your property damage losses, and more.

Unfortunately, the other parties we mentioned, the insurance carriers and the legal teams, will have resources at their disposal. That is why we encourage you to work with an attorney who has the resources needed to match. You should not be at a disadvantage for an accident that you did not cause, and our team will work diligently to gather the evidence needed to prove liability.

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