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Injured in an ATV accident?

Many individuals and families use ATVs as a fun and exciting form of recreation. What many do not realize is that many of these vehicles are prone to rollover accidents, and when these accidents happen, serious and life-threatening injuries or even fatalities are frequently the result. An ATV has no sides to protect the passenger, and when the vehicle rolls over the driver often automatically puts their arm out to try to stop the rollover causing serious injuries. Traumatic brain injuries are sadly not uncommon in ATV accidents. These injuries create such a terrible result on the injured that some never fully recover, or may spend their lives in a diminished state. Any such accident requires the skilled assistance of a personal injury lawyer to assist in making the claim to recover damages.

Accident Lawyer Serving People Hurt on ATVs

Most ATV’s weigh over 1,000 lbs., and when the vehicle lands on the individual in a rollover, the injuries can be extremely severe or even fatal. There are certain types of ATV’s that have shown to be particularly prone to rollover accidents, and this dangerous design flaw must be addressed by an attorney skilled in dealing with corporate claims and who is prepared to fight aggressively on behalf of the injured. At The Doan Law Firm, P.C., our attorney is relentless and aggressive in the approach to personal injury cases and is determined to assist the injured client to fight to get the compensation that is fair under such circumstances.

Our firm is extremely dedicated to our clients, and in fighting for the injured to get fair compensation for damages in ATV rollover accident cases. As many of the victims are children or young people, the accident can have particularly heartbreaking results, and our attorney is determined to fight for the young victims and their families who have suffered injuries, death and other damages in ATV rollover accidents. Contact us today!

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