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One common type of car accident is a car rollover. This type of accident is defined as a vehicle rolling onto its side or roof at the time of a crash, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). These types of accidents can be very dangerous and can sometimes lead to the vehicle’s occupants being partially or fully ejected from the vehicle. While car rollovers have been found to make up a small percentage of all crashes (just 3 percent), they make up more than a third of deaths among passenger vehicle occupants, according to data cited by the institute.

Victims in these types of accidents can sustain very serious injuries, which can lead to expensive medical costs and lowered quality of life. When individuals are facing this type of situation because of the fault of another individual or entity, they will likely need to file a car accident insurance claims in order to receive the full compensation that is necessary for their recovery. Contacting a Houston car accident attorney can help you improve your chances of receiving a fair settlement, or even a fair jury award if you end up having to file a lawsuit. The Doan Law Firm is equipped to handle these types of cases.

What can cause a rollover accident?

According to IIHS, car rollovers generally occur after a driver loses control over his or her vehicle, which can then cause the vehicle to slide sideways. The actual rollover is then often triggered by an object in the vehicle’s pathways, such as uneven roadway, a guardrail, a curb or other objects. In other instances, there is no such object, but rather the accident is caused by an overly aggressive turn by the driver. There are also many instances in which car rollovers occur because of another driver’s negligence, such as when that driver’s vehicle hits the victim’s vehicle, causing a rollover.

A car manufacturer’s mistakes in designing or making the victim’s vehicle can also cause or worsen a rollover accident, as well as the resulting injuries. For example, if the vehicle’s roof had a higher likelihood of caving in during a crash, or if there was a problem with the car that led to the vehicle crashing and rolling over, the manufacturer could be considered a responsible party in causing the victim’s injuries. When others are at fault for a person’s rollover accident, those individuals or corporations can be held financially liable for their negligence.

Certain vehicles are much more likely to have rollover accidents. These include SUVs and pickup trucks, through SUVs are even more likely than pickup trucks to be involved in these types of accidents. According to statistics cited by IIHS, 57 percent of individuals who died SUV crashes in 2010 were in vehicles that had rolled over, compared to just 24 percent for pickup trucks. Vehicle rollovers are a more likely to occur on rural roads, where SUVs and pickup trucks are generally driven more often than smaller vehicles. Regardless of these statistics, smaller cars can also have rollover accidents.

Strategic Legal Representation by a Knowledgeable Lawyer

When providing that a car rollover was caused by another individual, it will be crucial to secure a strong car accident attorney. That is because insurance companies will often try to avoid having to pay the full amount of claim settlements that victims are due. They might try to make settlement offers that are too low, or even deny compensation altogether. The responsible party or insurer might try to claim that the victim were actually the person at fault for the accident and is therefore not entitled to payment.

At The Doan Law Firm, we are able to help our clients determine how much their claims are worth. We provide our clients with aggressive representation, and we push for the best results possible in their cases. If you were in a car rollover accident in the Houston, Texas area, contact our firm as soon as possible so we can provide you with a free initial consultation.

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