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Every day, distracted drivers kill over 9 people and injure more than 1,153. In 2013 alone, they killed 3,154 people, injuring approximately 424,000 others. This occurs despite the many laws discouraging distracted driving, especially in the form of cell phone use. 46 states ban texting while driving, but two of the states in which it is legal prohibit novice drivers from texting, and one forbids school bus drivers to do so. Despite these laws and statistics, though, many continue to endanger innocent lives, often being willfully careless of safety. If a distracted driver has harmed you or a family member, the Doan Law Firm can rescue you from the complexity of a court case and the efforts of insurance companies to minimize your rightful compensation.

People most commonly speak of distracted drivers and cell phones, but the Doan Law Firm is prepared to pursue your case in any case of distraction. Agitated pets, conversing passengers, eating or drinking, and feeling highly emotional can all distract a negligent driver. Reaching for something, gawking at someone or something off the road, and smoking are also significant sources of distraction. None of these factors, however, excuse him or her for not taking precautions against the distraction and for endangering those around.

A distracted driver could be anyone — a trucker, a car-owner, a bus-driver… distracted drivers may speed crazily, change lanes wildly, or even go the wrong way on a highway. The bigger the vehicle the less maneuverable it is, and the less it takes to cause a horrible accident. The least error can cause jackknifing, rolling, and collisions, in fact. To make things worse, many insurance companies will try to reduce the injured party’s claims as much as possible. The less they give, the more their shareholders keep — and insurance companies like profits.

Car accidents always result in injury. Just a simple case of whiplash can cause pain, numbness, headaches, and more, affecting your working ability and your happiness in life. Concussions or traumatic brain injuries may lead to pain, headaches, wild mood swings, and even depression, while recovery is hard to predict and may never come. Serious injuries could disable your mind or body, cause miscarriage, or death. You may come to need pain medications and treatments to enable you to work through the trauma on a daily basis. If you are an innocent victim of a distracted driver, you are entitled to due compensation for the medical and emotional damages inflicted on you at the accident. Where death or injury is concerned, the usual amount of compensation increases greatly, as is proper.

Overwhelmed by medical bills, struggling through psychological trauma, and trying to cope with your emotions, you obviously do not have time or energy to pursue the intricate details of a lawsuit, where you must deal not only with the insurance, the court, and the offender but also with whatever other parties become involved, such as manufacturers. Yet if you settle for what the insurance company proffers, they may very well cheat you of your due. In fact, many who do not advantage themselves of legal help accept much lower settlements than they could receive with the help of a friendly attorney from one of our law offices. Fortunately, the Doan Law Firm can handle your case for you, freeing you to focus on the important things in your life — recovery and healing. We can advise you as to what you may expect in compensation and the claims that will be made on your behalf. You should not suffer for someone else’s carelessness towards your and others’ safety.

We at the Doan Law Firm have gained a reputation for our strong defense of injured clients, and we are prepared to work hard on your behalf, reviewing and evaluating your case and the best methods for pursuing your needs in court. Knowing the many damages and expenses following an accident, our team is dedicated to securing the maximum amount of compensation for each case, in order to secure a safer, less challenging future to both you and your family — even when seemingly insurmountable difficulties arise. Open 24 hours 7 days a week, you can contact us at any time, and we guarantee you your money back if we do not obtain for you your rightful compensation. Don’t ever allow yourself to suffer from someone else’s carelessness and lack of legal help when one little phone call to the Doan Law Firm can rescue you from these difficulties.

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