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Accidents can occur at any time, more so car accidents have become rampant almost becoming common occurrences on the roads we use every day. Most of these accidents are caused by the carelessness of the road users especially motorists who don’t care about other road users. In every 51 minutes, someone dies in the U.S due to alcohol-related road crash. In the year 2014 alone, over one million people have died on the roads according to the figures released by NHTSA.

Their negligence causes you pain, injuries and unexplained trauma for the rest of your life. Sometimes dealing with the aftermath of a tragic road accident such as the head-on collision is not easy for most people. Therefore, seeking justice is the only prudent action you as the victim can take so as to be compensated for the losses you incur due someone else’s negligence.

How Does a Car Accident Case Work?

Before taking a step further in your pursuit of justice, you need to have a glimpse of how such a case goes through in a court of law. Such cases combine both personal injuries sustained during the impact with the other car and traffic laws that determine who was at fault. All motorists using the roads where there are other roads users are supposed to exercise “reasonable care under the circumstances” for which failure to apply this reasonable care under the circumstances is referred to as negligence. The negligent party is, therefore, liable for any losses and damages sustained from an accident. Your lawyer is required to prove to the court that the proximate cause of the crash that resulted in plaintiff’s injuries was as a consequence of the defendants’ negligence, and hence they should be held liable.

The lawyer will piece together all evidence from the scene of the accident that include taking photos, checking police reports and any other piece of proof that may help in your case. For anexperienced lawyer, this should a natural thing to do especially when the persons being represented suffered the losses as a result of someone else’s negligence. They then apply the local traffic laws and other legal concepts to determine who caused the accident. Whoever is at fault is required to cover for medical expenses, incomes lost as a result of the crash as well as the pain and sufferings that you go through.

Different states have their way of handling car accidents cases especially when it involves more than two parties. But there is the basic concept of the law that is applicable in almost every state. Some states will require that the negligent party to pay for the damages. In others, all the parties will be needed to split the losses depending on the amount each party is to blame.

Determining Who is at Fault

Just like in any other accident case the court looks at all the materials presented to determine the negligent party. It is most likely that your instincts will tell you that the other party acted carelessly under the circumstances, but you are then required to produce tangible evidence in a court of law. A lawyer will help you gather all material evidence that includes police reports, photos, state traffic laws and even the counts of the eyes witnesses which is very crucial to your case.

After the evidence is presented, then the court looks at several factors to ascertain whether the driver was negligent. This includes but not limited to; disobeying traffic lights or signals, driving above or below the posted speed limit, failure to observe signaling while turning, using mobile phones while driving and when driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Car Accidents Caused by Other Factors

Not every head-on collision is caused by the carelessness of the drivers. Sometimes, other parties come into play. For instance, a head-on collision can occur due to breaks failure or any other mechanical defect. In such cases, parties other than the driver may be held responsible for such an accident. The manufacturer of such a motor vehicle is held culpable under the law of product liability.

Poorly maintained roads, malfunctioning street lights, poor street lighting and other highway defects can also cause accidents. Remember in all these cases, a different party, other than you, is held responsible. Such cases against other institutions may require the application of particular laws, but nonetheless, proper legal advice is prudent for such claims.

Injuries Sustained in a Head-On Collision

The type of harm suffered in an accident is dependent on various factors that include the magnitude of the impact and also the car’s make. They vary from minor injuries such as bruises, cuts and scratches to more life-threatening injuries like the whiplash, broken bones and limbs, spinal injuries and also damage to the internal organs that may cause internal bleeding.

At Doan Law Firm, we have a reputable record in handling of our clients’ car accidents claims. We help you get expert advice as regards the car accidents. For as long as the injuries resulted from someone else’s’ negligence, you can surely make a good claim for your compensation. We take up your case on a no-win no-fee basis that ensures that you as the victim benefits from our services with a 100% guarantee. Our services are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and we also offer free phone consultations. We value our customers, and our services are always above board. Make a point talking to us about your car accident claim for a service that you will never regret.

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