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Houston Amazon Truck Accident Kills Man on Highway 6

A man lost his life on Highway 6 in Houston in the early morning hours of April 3, 2023, as a result of an Amazon truck accident. The specific facts surrounding this particular Houston Amazon truck accident are unclear at this juncture in time. What is known is that an unidentified man was outside of a vehicle and on Highway 6 just before four o’clock in the morning. While on the roadway in this manner, the individual was struck by…

5 Most Frequently Occurring Semi-Truck Accident Injuries

Semi-truck accidents are unfortunately all too common on the roads and highways that we use every day. These collisions can be particularly dangerous due to the size of semi-trucks and the speed at which they travel. Simply put, passenger motor vehicles are no match for big rigs. As a result, semi-truck accidents often lead to serious injuries for those involved. While these types of injuries can vary depending on a variety of factors, there are five common types of injuries…

5 Signs of PTSD Following a Semi-Truck Accident

Some of the most catastrophic types of roadway accidents motorists encounter are those involving collisions with semi-trucks. Semi-truck accidents can result in life-altering and even life-ending events. What oftentimes is overlooked is the emotional and psychological injuries that can arise from a semi-truck accident. For example, a considerable number of victims of semi collisions end up afflicted with post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. There are five signs that a person might be suffering from PTSD following a big rig wreck:…

A Real Roadway Risk: Armored Car Accidents in the United States

The idea of an armored car filled with cash making a run to or from a bank becoming involved in an accident is something of a running gag in movies and on television. The intended joke is always about the same. The armored car runs into something and cash ends up spewing into the air and all about. The grim reality is that armored car accidents are anything but humorous. Every year, an armored car is the underlying cause of…

Injuries and Deaths Caused by Amazon Fresh Delivery Trucks: What You Need to Know

Amazon operates two separate grocery delivers services: Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh. Every day, each of these entities deliver groceries to thousands of people across the United States. Each year, a growing number of Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh delivery drivers are involved in accidents they cause, and which result in injuries – including fatal injuries – to people from all walks of life. In this article, we take a moment to consider your rights should you (or a loved…

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