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DePuy Hip Replacements

Recall Claims and Lawsuits

As of August 26, 2010, the DePuy hip replacement implant device has been withdrawn and recalled by the FDA due to its high failure rate and associated damage to surrounding tissue. Hundreds of reports about the problems connected with this defective medical device were submitted to the FDA prior to its recall. Investigations into this device have shown that it may fail to bond properly and lead to loosening which requires patients to undergo a hip revision surgery to remove and replace it. Metallosis of surrounding tissue is a health problem associated with the DePuy implant. This can result in black tissue, metal staining, and pseudotumors around the area where the implant has been placed.

If you or someone you love has suffered adverse health issues due to the use of the DePuy hip replacement implant, we urge you to contact a Houston personal injury lawyer at the Doan Law Firm to discuss your case. Our firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of injury victims under personal injury law by filing injury claims and lawsuits to recover full and fair compensation from those responsible. We offer a free case evaluation with a Houston defective medical device lawyer who can review your situation, advise you on what to expect and what claims can be made on your behalf.

DePuy Hip Implant Cases

The DePuy hip replacement implant has been shown to create a high toxic metal ion release in some patients. Metal debris left behind by the device can cause adverse reactions. Exposure to the metal ions over time can lead to a poisoning of the blood and tissue surrounding the area (metallosis). Those adversely affected may experience pain as well as invasive surgery to correct the problem. Because of the defective nature of the device, many patients have suffered physical, emotional, and financial hardships. By seeking the help of an experienced attorney at our firm, you can seek legal recourse for this matter.

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