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If you are like most people, your home is the most important, significant long-term investment you will make in your lifetime. In addition, while it is something of a cliché, your home really is “where your heart is.” Not only is your home an invaluable investment, it is the place where so many of your most important memories are made.

Sadly, you may be like thousands of people each year in the United States and find yourself faced with some sort of construction defect at your home. You may have attempted to reach out to the responsible party, or parties, in an attempt to remedy the construction defect, to no avail.

If that is the case, the time has come for you to give serious through to retaining the services of a skilled, experienced, tenacious construction defect lawyer from The Doan Law Firm. Our legal team stands ready to connect with you any time by calling our construction defect hotline at (800) 349-0000.

Identifying Parties Responsible for Construction Defects

One reason why a Doan Law Firm construction defect lawyer can provide you invaluable assistance is in the process of identifying any and all parties responsible for problems at your home. In many construction defect cases, more than one party is responsible for the issue.

When it comes to a construction defect, responsible parties can include:

  • contractor
  • subcontractor
  • architect
  • developer
  • manufacturer

Common Types of Construction Defects

In the grand scheme of things, construction defects come in a multitude of forms. The argument could be made that a comprehensive listing of construction defects would be endless. Nonetheless, there are some more commonly occurring construction defects, faced by many homeowners.

These include:

  • cracked windows
  • faulty windows
  • inferior drywall
  • other inferior materials
  • deteriorating flashing
  • improper design
  • improper construction or assembly
  • defective concrete
  • defective pipes
  • electrical deficiencies
  • mechanical defects
  • installation defects
  • structural support issues

An important step to take if you think you have a real construction defect issue is to schedule an appointment with an experienced construction defect lawyer at The Doan Law Firm. A member of the legal team at our firm can assist you in fleshing out what constitutes a construction defect that warrants further action.

You need to understand that many construction defects are not readily apparent. For example, if there is some sort of defect associated with the foundation at your home, you may not become aware of that issue for what can be years after the residence was constructed.

Construction Defects in a Commercial Building

The Doan Law Firm construction defect lawyer legal team represents not only homeowners but individuals and businesses that own commercial property as well. Construction defects at commercial properties can have devastating consequences, threatening even the very existence of your business.

Doan Law Firm Construction Defect Lawyer Fights for Justice for You

The legal team at The Doan Law Firm takes a firm stand when it comes to fighting for the compensation you deserve. We understand the strategies used by big insurance companies that are designed to prevent you from obtaining a settlement a client deserves. We fight tirelessly on behalf of our clients when it comes to obtaining justice in the aftermath of a construction defect.

The Doan Law Firm Construction Defect Lawyer Fee Promise

When dealing with a construction defect, you have enough on your hands. You do not need the added burden of finding money to pay for an attorney to protect your rights and interests.

The Doan Law Firm makes a simple promise to you. No win, no fee. Our law firm will never charge an attorney fee in your case unless we obtain a favorable settlement or judgment for you in your case.

At the start of our representation of you, we will prepare an agreed fee agreement. Technically, it is called a contingency fee agreement. The fee in your case will be a specific, reasonable, agreed percentage of any settlement or recovery we obtain for you.

Hire a Doan Law Firm Construction Defect Lawyer Today

The Doan Law Firm maintains a construction defect hotline at (800) 349-0000 that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including all major holidays. You can contact our firm through the hotline any time convenient for you and schedule an initial consultation.

At an initial consultation, our legal team will provide an evaluation of your case. In addition, we will answer any questions you have about the accident, your injuries, and your case. Our firm charges no fee for an initial consultation with our legal team.

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