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When it comes to accident injury law, there are certain injuries that fall under the category of “catastrophic injuries,” and these are the type of injuries that negatively impact the victim’s life for as long as they live. This can be the partial or complete loss of eyesight, the loss of a limb, paralysis, the loss of hearing or disfigurement. Additionally, other common injuries that can also be categorized as being catastrophic include head trauma or brain injuries, in specific. These catastrophic injuries can be the result of defective equipment, negligence or the reckless acts of another. Regardless of whether the accident occurred in the work place, on the highway, or any other incident in which someone else is at fault, it will be necessary to act quickly in order to secure the assistance of an experienced and skilled Texas catastrophic injury lawyer.

Working with a Personal Injury Attorney

The population and rapid economic growth means that there are a lot of injury risks, such as construction sites, eighteen-wheelers carrying supplies, manufacturing plants, etc. It is possible that a manufacturing company may have violated mandated safety precautions and regulations, subsequently placing their employees or clients at risk. When a person suffers a catastrophic injury as a result of this type of negligence, there are certain legal elements that must be addressed expeditiously in order to protect the health and financial interests of the injured party.

Catastrophic injuries have the potential to cause financial ruin, if the injured party is not properly compensated for their injuries. At The Doan Law Firm, we are completely dedicated to pursuing the maximum compensation for our clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries. When it comes to catastrophic injuries, the medical costs are always exorbitantly high — often running into the millions of dollars. These medical expenses are not inclusive of other damages suffered by the victim, such as loss of quality of life, pain and suffering, loss of income, and more.

At The Doan Law Firm, we are relentless in fighting to protect the rights and interests of our clients, using our resources to ensure that catastrophic injury victims get every dime they deserve. We are cognizant of the emotional strain and terror that can be associated with the uncertainty surrounding such catastrophic injuries, and we are extremely aggressive in fighting for our clients to be treated fairly and to be fairly compensated for the damages that they have incurred due to the negligence of someone else. We seek the maximum compensation allowed under the law. These types of injury cases must be addressed as soon after the accident as physically possible. So, you must act quickly to enlist a qualified catastrophic injury attorney to initiate the legal process on your behalf. At The Doan Law Firm, we are more than up to the task.

Experienced and Skilled Attorneys

The laws that govern how an injured party recovers losses that are associated with accidental injuries that result from negligence, reckless acts or defective equipment are highly complex, meaning that it is best to solicit the help of a professional who has the experience and skill set to take on the process. It is not unheard of for injured parties to attempt to take on the responsible party, their insurance company and legal team on their own, but it is not recommended. Rarely does an individual who attempts to handle the legal processes associated with their injury claim receive adequate compensation for their injuries. This failure to secure fair compensation normally leads to financial strain that can cause a lifetime of heartache and difficulty.

At The Doan Law Firm, we have years of experience in dealing with stingy insurance companies, and we have the necessary resources to effectively investigate the case to determine who is at fault, so that we can pursue them for the compensation that you deserve.

Using Experience to Gauge Compensation Requirements

One of the detriments associated with injured parties attempting to resolve their injury case on their own is the fact that it is difficult to determine the maximum compensation that they should receive. When an insurance company makes them an offer, the amount may seem sufficient, but if it does not cover all medical expenses — past, present and future — loss of wages, pain and suffering and other compensatory factors, it will likely lead to long-term financial hardships.

At The Doan Law Firm, our experience in dealing with catastrophic injuries allows us to effectively and accurately assess and project long-term damages, ensuring that we can go after every penny that our clients will need to make all of the adjustments necessary to recover from the consequences of their injury.

When you come in to sit down with one of our experienced accident attorneys, they will evaluate the facts of the case, to determine who is at fault, and they will also determine the most effective strategy for collecting the compensation that you deserve. They will enlist the help of expert witnesses, visit the accident site, examine the history of the person or entity responsible for the accident and more.

At the Doan Law Firm, we fight aggressively to protect the interest of our clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries, regardless of the cause. We understand that this will be a very scary time for you, but we stand beside you and fight on your behalf every step of the way. So, if you have suffered a catastrophic injury, contact our office for your free consultation, where you will sit down with one of our catastrophic injury experts to go over the details of your case. If we determine that you have a case, we will begin immediately preparing to fight for every dime that you deserve.

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