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Many people in the United States like to take the train to visit their friends, family members and loved ones. A train ride is a wonderful way to get where we you have to go. Unfortunately, train accidents happen almost as frequently as car accidents occur. The Federal Railroad Administration reports that thousands of accidents happen per year, and 3,000 of those accidents end in death. Many accident victims and their families suffer devastation and despair. The most common reasons for railroad accidents are:

Items Stuck in the Tracks

One of the most common causes for railroad track issues is items that get stuck on the tracks. Examples of items that get stuck in the grooves of the tracks are large rocks and tree branches that fall during times of inclement weather. Such items can send a train off its original course. Tree branch incidents are common with railroad track incidents. Tree parts cause derailment in a large number of multiple person injuries. An ACE train was recently derailed in Los Angeles because of a tree that has been toppled in a storm. The Mercury News reported that 200 passengers were aboard the train when the accident occurred.

Poor Train Manufacturing

Another cause of railroad accidents is poor manufacturing and faulty parts. One non-U.S. example of such an incident is a crash that happened in Germany in February of this year. The automatic braking system failed to stop the train when it was supposed to kick in and stop the train. As a result, more than 10 people lost their lives in the crash. Two train conductors were among the people who died. Such technical issues cause many crashes. Broken wheels and other machinery flaws cause accidents, as well.

Inclement Weather

Inclement weather causes some railroad accidents, and humans have no control over it. The only thing people can do is stop train operations during times of severe snow storms, hail storms, hurricanes and the like. Sometimes storms come on suddenly, however, and trains get thrown off course in the midst of those events.

Irresponsible Train Operation

Irresponsible train operation can be deadly. Examples of such irresponsible train operation are drunken train operation, exhausted train operation and outright careless train operation. A 2015 Amtrak accident happened in Philadelphia that killed seven people, according to reporters of the Wall Street Journal. The accident occurred because the conductor was operating the train at more than 100 miles an hour, and the train did not take a tight turn very well at that speed.

Stalled Cars and Other Obstructions

Sometimes random obstructions get in the way. Those obstructions include obstructions such as stalled vehicles, dead animals, large stones and more. Trains get thrown off the tracks when they are unable to stop movement in such situations.

The Effects of Railroad Accidents

Railroad accidents can leave victims severely damaged. They can send the lives of those people into ruins. Victims can suffer from physical, emotional and psychological damages. Broken bones, paralysis, burns, post-traumatic stress, flashbacks and depression are just a few things that can fall upon a victim. Persons who lose their family members also suffer in such incidents and need help getting back on their feet. A personal injury attorney can help any accident victim to get back on track. Such a lawyer specializes in helping people get back on their feet after a devastating derailment accident.

How Train Accidents Are Personal Injuries

Train accidents are considered personal injury cases when they involve neglect. Even incidents of inclement weather could be considered personal injuries if the train company has ample time to cancel the trips, and it knew that poor weather was coming. Neglect is any action or lack of action that causes an injury to another person. Faulty train manufacturing could be considered neglect by the manufacturer. Poor train operation can end up falling on the conductor or the entire train company. Tree parts and other obstructions may fall upon the city if it failed to remove the obstruction. A personal injury attorney can review the case and decide which strategy to use to obtain recovery for the victims.

Victim Resources

Personal injury attorneys are compassionate and experienced lawyers who can help their clients obtain compensatory and punitive damages when they deserve such awards. Compensatory damages cover all of the medical expenses and therapeutic expenses. They cover lost work wages, funeral expenses and household bills, as well. Punitive damages seek to deter the offender from future offenses and provide comfort for the victim’s pain and suffering. A personal injury attorney’s main job is to establish fault in the accused party and request relief and compensation for the injury. Such attorneys will try to get their victims a speedy and immediate out-of-court settlement, but they will also be fully prepared to take the case to battle in the courts.

Who to Call

A victim can contact a personal injury attorney and schedule an immediate consultation. During the consultation, the victim will explain to the attorney what happened, and the attorney will explain to the victim how the two of them can proceed to recover compensation for the various injuries. The attorney may offer contingency representation, which means that the victim does not have to pay a dime until the judge awards the settlement. A victim can schedule a consultation with such a firm today, and start heading toward a bright future tomorrow.

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