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Over the last decade, there have been multitudinous lawsuits filed against a number of individuals, organizations and institutions, including churches, clergy, coaches, school teachers, adoptive parents, foster parents and a number of other adults that hold positions of authority, and used that authority to molest innocent children. The legal troubles that the Catholic Church is currently engaging has become common knowledge; however, the epidemic of child molestation does not stop with the universal church. There are a number of organizations that are currently facing similar legal problems because of the negligence that they exhibited as far as their responsibility to provide a safe environment for the children that were, somehow entrusted to their care.

When a child is molested, it can be an overwhelming experience, and often parents and loved ones are not sure of the best approach to dealing with the situation. This is why it is so important to seek the legal counsel of an attorney who has the expertise and experience to handle a child molestation case. If your child is a victim of child sexual abuse of any kind, regardless if the act was perpetrated by a member of the clergy, a coach, a teacher or any other person whom you trusted to provide safe care for them, The Doan Law Firm can help you get through the difficult task of holding those who allowed this to happen responsible for the psychological, emotional and physical injury of your child.

The Devastating Impact of Child Sexual Abuse

It is a well-documented scientific fact that the damage caused by child molestation can be irreparable. Many victims of CSA struggle throughout their lifetime as they attempt to effectively reconcile the irreconcilable. The types of trauma that children are exposed to are extensive, including neglect nutritional deprivation, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and more. And, all of these types of abuse can cause serious harm to the child. In many cases, these children have been in the system for a significant amount of time, being passed from home to home. Additionally, a substantial number of them have been drugged using psychotropic drugs in order to make them more docile and controllable, but these types of drugs can often have severe negative side effects, and some of the drugs were never approved for use with young children.

It is important to understand that children who are victims of pedophiles who functioned in a position of power, are incapable of defending themselves from their attacker, and often these children will not report the abuse, or in many cases when the child does report the abuse, it is ignored.

Legal Maneuvers by Organizations and Institutions

It is not uncommon for institutions and organizations that are responsible for allowing the molestation of young children to attempt to circumvent legal actions by offering the victim’s family a cash settlement, while denying the accuracy of the child’s accusations and other specific details associated with the case.

The truth is that many pedophiles have been operating under the protection of churches, schools and other organizations for years, as they continue to inflict immeasurable pain and suffering upon their helpless victims. Meanwhile, the leaders of these organizations and institutions have failed to take the necessary steps to not only stop the harmful and illegal activity, but they have done nothing to ensure that the perpetrator is brought to justice by reporting the illegal activity to the proper authorities.

Reports published by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services have revealed the long-term impact of child abuse and neglect. Some of the long-term issues that children are forced to deal with well into their adult life include mental health issues, physical health issues, behavioral issues and the consequences associated with them. Additionally, abused children generally experience extreme difficulty in navigating through adolescent years — dealing with issues such as drug use, truancy, mental health problems and more.

Furthermore, we also know that abused children are more likely to abuse alcohol and other illicit drugs at some point during their lifetime. There is empirical data that suggests that as much as two-thirds of people who are currently participating in drug and alcohol recovery programs were abused as children. When you work with an experienced child molestation attorney at The Doan Law Firm, you can expect to be represented in a manner in which your rights and interests will be diligently defended. Additionally, you can expect us to pursue the maximum compensation afforded to you under the law. While there is no amount of money that can mitigate the damage done by CSA, compensation will be necessary to cover the cost of recovery, the loss of wages due to the inability to work and more — not to mention the cost of ongoing therapy.

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The Doan Law firm functions as legal counsel in child molestation cases throughout the nation. The firm has personally committed itself to fighting for the justice and compensation that our clients rightfully deserve. All of our cases are treated with the highest regard for the confidentiality of the victim, as well as the compassion necessary to provide a high level of comfort throughout the entire process.

When you come to The Doan Law Firm, our goal is simple, to seek the justice you deserve, and the full compensation for all of the damages caused by the abuse, as well as to protect other children who may be exposed to the perpetrator from future harm. We will fight for you. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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