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Children often enjoy playing sports and being part of a team. It is a great way to achieve success and build character. However, it is possible for certain coaches to take advantage of innocent children and molest them. Coaches hold great authority over athletes. Many players believe the only path to success is following every direction from coaches. This opens the door for abusive treatment and inappropriate sexual behavior. If you or a loved one has been molested by a coach, the Doan Law Firm can help. We have represented many young athletes who have been sexually assaulted. We strive to stop abusive coaches and the organizations that enable their inexcusable conduct.

Possible Signs of Coaching Sexual Abuse

As parents, it is important to learn early signs of sexual abuse or molestation. Many times, a coach will spend a great deal of time with one particular child to gain his or her trust. Then, the coach may try to control a child’s non-practice activities or separate the child from certain friends. When a coach tries to be alone with a child or buys the child expensive gifts, it is time to file a report.

Experts explain pedophile coaches test the boundaries before engaging in sexual behavior. It is vital for parents to recognize the actions before they become severe. If molestation has already occurred, it is advised to seek legal representation. At the Doan Law Firm, we take every case seriously. We understand how common it is for a coach to abuse an athlete. Throughout the country, approximately 15,000 convicted sex offenders currently coach children’s sports. When courageous victims tell the truth, this abhorrent behavior must be punished. Coming forward prevents other children from being molested as well.

The Doan Law Firm Difference

The Doan Law Firm employs compassionate, caring, and experienced attorneys who have successfully won numerous coach-related child molestation cases. It is essential to receive adequate compensation for mental anguish and medical expenses. A child’s life is often devastated by this type of conduct, especially at the hands of a trusted adult. Let us bring you the justice you deserve. For a free phone consultation call our office at(800) 349-0000. Contact us today. We always have a trained lawyer ready to address your needs.

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