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Being a victim of an accident or an attack that leads to a brain injury can forever change the victim’s life. The brain is the core of who we are, how we feel, and what we can do. This means that a brain injury could fundamentally change who you are. You may lose cognitive abilities, you may lose mobility, and you may lose the ability to control your emotions in the same way that you could prior to the head injury. For this reason, our personal injury lawyers diligently fight for the rights of our clients. We refuse to accept attempts on the part of insurance companies to low ball our clients or force them into settling for less than what they deserve.

Litigating Head and Brain Injuries Is Difficult

If an MRI or CT scan shows clear evidence of a head or brain injury, it is a lot easier to seek compensation. However, if these tests do not show evidence of an injury, insurance companies will try to say that you as a victim are faking your injuries or that you had psychological problems predating the accident.

For this reason, the number one challenge our team of litigators faces is to objectify your injuries. If your injury can be proven, it is likely that a jury will be sympathetic to your cause. That being said, you must be prepared for how the insurance company and their lawyers will respond.

In an attempt to undermine your claim of a brain injury, your entire past will be open for scrutiny. This will include school records, past medical records, reports on file with insurance companies, as well as any records held by a psychologist or psychiatrist.

We don’t say this to scare you, but instead to prepare you. What you need to know is that as vehemently as the insurance companies and their lawyers will attempt to discredit you, we will do our part to make it clear that you are a victim of an accident and that you deserve compensation for your injuries. We have experience in this field, and we know how to win.

How New Technologies Can Help

In the past few decades, advances in technology have made it easier to point out and objectify a brain injury. Years ago the consensus was that if a person didn’t pass out after receiving a blow to the head, their brain was okay. It was also believed that if a person had a normal CT scan or a normal MRI scan, they must be okay. Science has shown that neither of these aforementioned statements are true. However, it is still a lot easier for us to win your case if we can produce tangible evidence of the damage has been done to your brain. To this end our lawyers and investigators work with medical professionals to make use of the latest in technology.

These technologies include:

  • MRIs with Diffusion Tensor Imaging: The parts of the brain that are referred to as white matter are the connective parts of the brain. They help to relay information from one part of the brain to another. When white matter is damaged, the number of signals sent between the brain diminishes. Diffusion Tensor Imaging tracks the activity inside white matter fibers. They can prove brain damage in areas where a normal MRI or CT scan cannot.
  • Susceptibility Weight Imaging: This is a technology that when used in conjunction with an MRI allows radiologists to see micro hemorrhages in the brain. Micro hemorrhaging happens when the brain is in shock. It can be difficult to visualize, but when it is detected, it is a clear sign of brain injury.
  • Spectroscopy: This technology examines the balance and ratio of molecules inside the brain. If molecules are unbalanced, this technology will detect it. While the technology is not widely available, it is growing in popularity and is proving to be a valuable tool in brain injury cases.

Help during the Recovery Process

Recovering from a brain injury is a slow and emotionally painful process. It can include a lack of self-awareness, meaning that as a victim you may not recognize your own limitations after the accident. Socializing may be a challenge as severe head injury patients find it difficult to interact with the world. Rehabilitation is key. Rehabilitation should take place within six months after the injury for best results.

Our goal is to help you through the recovery process. You will need financial compensation to pay for your recovery. You may be entitled to financial compensation to help cover pain and suffering, loss of potential earnings, medical expenses that you have now, as well as medical expenses you can expect in the future.

Our team of lawyers focuses on providing you the opportunity to get the compensation you deserve. We invite you to contact us 24 hours a day seven days a week to set up a free initial consultation. For us, cost is not a factor as to whether or not we will take your case. If we take your case, you do not pay a thing until we win for you.

At the Doan Law Firm, we have seen firsthand the challenges our clients have faced as they went through the recovery process after an accident. We have also seen how insurance companies have tried to take advantage of our clients. And that is something that will not stand. Contact us today, and let us use our skills and experience to help you as you travel down the road to recovery.

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