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Few experiences can be more frightening or frustrating than sustaining a personal injury. These accidents can occur at almost anytime and under any circumstances. Moreover, such incidents can precipitate significantly adverse aftermaths, such as pain, lost work time and economic hardships.

Complicating an already trying event is the fact that these mishaps might be due to another party's irresponsible or malfeasant behavior. Fortunately, however, individuals injured under such circumstances might be entitled to compensation through a civil action known as a lawsuit.

The Doan Loan Firm, PLLC, which possesses nine offices across California, collects no fees unless we win, offers a free case evaluation and is open 24/7, invites residents hurt in an incident perceived to be because of someone else's negligence to read this brief blog discussing various facets of this type of law, the actions prospective plaintiffs and lawyers must execute to be successful, the reasons hiring an attorney often proves vital to a positive outcome and the plaintiff's responsibilities in such cases.

Common Personal Injury Cases

Technically, a prospective plaintiff might be able to initiate a civil action against any party they believe committed some type of injury-inducing exploit. That said, commonly tried cases include:

Vehicle Accidents

Arguably, the most common of all facets are vehicular incidents in which a negligent motorist precipitated an mishap involving a car, truck or motorcycle.

Premises Liability

Said event occurs when an individual sustains injuries they believe were caused by a property owner or manager's inability to remedy hazardous conditions or failing to warn patrons of said circumstances. Falls are arguably the most common type of premises liability accident.

Product Liability

The designers or manufacturers of a publically consumed product created some kind of flaw rendering the item in question dangerous enough to induce injuries. Moreover, sellers of such materials might be subject to liability if they failed to warn consumers of the potential of encountering such hazards.

Medical Malpractice

Said event occurs when a medical professional, such as a doctor, nurse, technician, pharmacist or healthcare institution as a whole, like a hospital or clinic commits an error deemed beyond the bounds of acceptable care that causes the impacted subject to experience either new physical injuries or systemic illnesses or the exacerbation of already existing maladies.

Proving Fault

One major key to success in any such case is proving fault. California follows a civil law mandate known as pure comparative negligence. This authorizes adjudicating bodies, such as judges or juries the right to assign a specific percentage of blame to all involved parties. Fortunately, plaintiffs can recoup compensation even if said entities rule they were 99 percent to blame. That said, recovering any type of meaningful compensation will necessitate the plaintiff and their California personal injury lawyer to convince the presiding adjudicating body to place the greatest possible percentage of fault on the accused.

Principles That Must Be Demonstrated

Regardless of the specific case, success hinges of the capacity of the plaintiff and lawyer to satisfactorily demonstrate the following issues, the accused party committed a discernible negligent or malfeasant action, said deed precipitated the injury-inducing incident, the plaintiffs injuries are attributable to said mishap and no other preexisting physical ailment or systemic disease and the compensation sought is directly related to those injuries.

The Importance Of Hiring The Right Attorney

An experienced, professional lawyer will perform a variety of duties designed to increase the plaintiff's chances for success, like investigating the accident scene, conducting eyewitness interviews, gathering testimony from expert witnesses, researching the safety records of companies and retailers or the driving or criminal histories of accused individuals and obtaining medical records.

That said, however, choosing the best California personal injury lawyer requires prospective plaintiffs to consider several important factors, including:


The attorney in question should not only possess a significant degree of generalized experience but a background trying the specific type of case pertinent to the plaintiff. For example, if the lawsuit involves medical malpractice, the individual in question should retain the services of a legal professional with a noteworthy history of trying such cases.

A Proven Track Record

Naturally, a would-be claimant is encouraged to work in tandem with an attorney possessing a proven track record of successes and a discernible list of satisfied clients.

Optimal Communication Skills

In many instances, the best lawyers are those who effectively communicate with their clients. Said legal professionals will answer all their clients question, possess the ability to translate complex legal issues into layman's terms, be receptive to all client concerns and keep the client informed through the proceeding's entirety.

Display A Comfort Level

Above all, the client should be comfortable working with and spending time with the attorney whose services they retain.

Plaintiff's Duties

Granted, gifted lawyers often produce favorable outcomes. That said, plaintiffs may further increase their chances for yielding positive results by executing the following measures:

Obtaining Medical Care

Obtaining a thorough medical evaluation in the hours or, at the very least, no more than few days following the incident in question will go a long way towards connecting the plaintiffs injuries with the accident.

Provide Documented Evidence

Prospective claimants are strongly urged to author a concise account of the events leading up to and during their mishaps. Moreover, if possible, said individuals should capture photos and collect any type of evidence they are permitted to access.

Gather Witnesses

Eyewitnesses often prove crucial because these subjects can provide neutral, third-party accounts of the facts surrounding the incidents in question. Ergo, prospective plaintiffs are encouraged to take down the names and contact information of such individuals.

Refrain From Publicly Discussing The Incident

The only person the claimant should discuss the incident with is their attorney. Talking about the mishap in public or on social media could significantly complicate any legal proceedings.

Contacting Us

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