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Nothing ruins your day quite like a car accident. Depending on the severity of the accident, it could ruin far more than just your plans for the day, but even the mildest fender bender can be a major inconvenience. The time lost waiting for the police to show up to properly report the incident can be significant, regardless of the severity of the accident. When an accident occurs, establishing fault is part of the job of the police, but determining fault isn’t always as straightforward as collecting the reports. If you are involved in an accident that is not your fault, you need representation to ensure that you receive the financial award you need to get your life back on track following the accident.

It’s no secret that Chicago is a dangerous place to drive. There were over 100 fatal accidents in Chicago in 2013, and this number seems to hold steady throughout the years. Of these accidents sixty-one involved drunken persons. In other words, the leading cause of fatal car accidents in Chicago is drunk driving. Other causes include driver error and inclement weather. The high population density of the area and the aggressive drivers within the city further contribute to the likelihood of winding up being involved in a car accident within the city limits. Because it is so likely, you should be well informed about your legal rights as they pertain to car accidents.

One recent accident left two dead and one injured in the area. This accident followed a previous accident involving the same driver, who left the scene of the previous accident. He died in the subsequent accident, and none were harmed in the first. One of the small complications that can occur in an accident is when the person at fault for the accident dies, either in the accident or shortly thereafter. When this occurs, though, the person at fault is still liable through their auto liability insurance, any other liability insurances (such as umbrella policies) and their estate.

One of the reasons that auto liability insurance is required by law is precisely this. Failing to carry liability coverage on your car means that you are personally liable for any damages caused by an accident that you caused. Because medical bills can quickly add up to significant amounts, the legal requirement was put in place as a way of preventing bankruptcy in individuals. The result is that, when you are involved in an accident that is not your fault, the faulted party’s insurance company gets involved, often by offering a settlement for the damages, based on actuarial tables and the accident details that are readily available at the time.

Usually, the settlement offered by the insurance company will be insufficient to cover the full extent of damages incurred at the time of the accident. Most often, the insurance company will offer a standard amount based on damage incurred by the vehicle. Injuries to the people involved only get factored in if they are well documented before the settlement is ever offered. While it is good to seek medical attention as soon after an accident as possible, the settlement sometimes still ignores portions of the injuries reported. This is why representation is so crucial in car accident cases, and why it is usually in your favor to seek further damages than the insurance company’s initial settlement.

The damages sustained in a car accident extend far beyond the damage to your vehicle, after all. Any costs incurred due to injuries sustained in the accident are the liability of the person at fault, and liability insurance is designed to cover such damages. Furthermore, you could be entitled to damages for pain and suffering or lost wages depending on the nature of the injuries sustained. These last two categories are almost never considered in an insurance company settlement. If you are injured in a car accident and the injuries cause you to miss work, you should seek representation to help you collect the full damages to which you are entitled.

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Jimmy Doan of The Doan Law Firm has over ten years of experience in personal injury litigation, and specializes in car accident cases. We accept clients on a contingency basis, meaning our fees are taken from the final award won. You are never directly billed for our services. The attorneys at The Doan Law Firm are available around the clock, 365 days per year. If you or a loved one has recently been involved in a car accident, call us today to arrange a free initial consultation, during which we will answer any questions you have and discuss the merits of your case.

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