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Insurance Company Schemes Designed to Block Your Florida Insurance Claim Settlement

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If you’ve never had to deal with an insurance claim, you understandably may have some well-meaning but misdirected illusions about insurance companies. Chief among them may be the belief that if you have a claim for losses, an insurance strives to settlement the matter in a reasonable amount of time for a fair payment. In fact, insurance companies employ an array of schemes that have the potential to delay or even block an appropriate claim settlement. This includes resolving a Florida business insurance claim.

If you are a business owner, you are wise to have a basic understanding of what types in insurance company schemes might be employed in an attempt to thwart your own Florida business claim settlement. Being forearmed places you in the best position to counter attempts by an insurer to hold up or otherwise block your objective to obtain a fair and timely claim settlement.

Some of the more common (and insidious) insurance company schemes designed to clock a Florida business insurance claim settlement include:

  • Rushing a business owner to settle a claim in the immediate aftermath of a loss
  • Unduly delaying the settlement of a claim through the use of a variety of improper machinations
  • Providing false information about Florida business insurance policy terms and conditions
  • Providing false information about Florida insurance laws and regulations
  • Attempting to question an insured business owner without legal representation

Rush to Settlement

One of the more frequently occurring schemes used by commercial insurance companies to thwart the appropriate settlement of claims is to rush an insurance business owner to settle. With this type of tactic, it is fair to say that a representative of a commercial insurance company (oftentimes a claims adjuster or even an attorney) swoops in and prods a business owner to settle immediately.

A rush to settlement in this manner nearly always results in an insurance company saving money on a claim and an insured business owner not obtaining the compensation and coverage to which he or she really is entitled. While a business owner certainly wants to conclude a claim in a reasonably timely manner, ensuring that it is for an appropriate amount absolutely is fundamental. Time and time again, this type of rush to settlement is not in the best interests of a business owner.

Delay of Settlement

A seemingly counter-intuitive illicit approach that is nonetheless widely used by insurers is to drag out the settlement process. In the most basic of terms, a commercial insurance company will take step upon step to delay a final resolution of a business-related claim with the endgame of getting an owner to throw up his or her hands in surrender. The net effect of this type of inappropriate insurance claim settlement practice is for an insured to feel compelled or pressed to settle a claim for an amount less than what reasonably should be paid for a particular loss.

False Statements About Insurance Policy

Time and again, commercial insurance carriers have been known to make false statements about business insurance policy terms and conditions. This reality illustrates the necessity for a business owner to not only read but to fully understand the contents of a Florida commercial insurance policy.

False Statements About Insurance Laws and Regulations

In addition, representatives of commercial insurance companies are not beyond making false or misleading statements about insurance laws and regulations. This effort to mislead can result in a valid claim being torpedoed. Moreover, this insurance company practice underscores the need for legal assistance.

Question Insured Business Owner without a Lawyer

Another common practice for a commercial insurer is to attempt to question a business owner when a claim is filed without the presence of legal counsel. By taking this approach, an insurance company often is able to lock a business owner into some type of undesirable statement that ends up damaging that entrepreneur’s claim.

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