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What to Expect When You File a Florida Business Insurance Claim After a Fire

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If you ever find yourself the victim of a commercial fire, you will immediately understand that you have a herculean task in front of you. There are some basic facts you need to understand when it comes to pursuing a Florida business insurance claim following a fire.

Facts About Commercial Fires

During the last year a full set of statistics are available, about 499,000 structure fires occurred in the United States, according to the National Fire Protection Association. The lion’s share of these fires involves residential properties:

  • 72 percent – single family homes, condos, townhomes, apartments
  • 28 percent – commercial, industrial, institutional, or public buildings

The combined total of loss for all structural fires during the year in questions was almost $11 billion.

While no one can downplay the devastation caused by a residential fire, another reality is that the extent of damages and losses arising from a commercial or industrial can prove to the kindling that results in the complete demise of a business. The tremendous and potentially widespread effects of a commercial or industrial fire cannot be overstated.

Fully Understanding Commercial Building Fires and Associated Damage

Unless you’ve been involved with dealing with the aftermath of a fire, you understandably are like most Floridians and may not fully understand the extent of devastation that can follow a blaze – even a fire that might be classified as being more “minor.” Of course, the damage caused by a fire itself is obvious in many ways. A person is capable of seeing the charred remains of the premises and items in it when a fire is extinguished.

With that noted, there are other significant types of damages that are associated with a commercial fire that can prove costly. At the top of such a list is water damage and smoke damage.

There is no doubt that water is a necessary component of bringing a fire under control. Many a business owner concludes that as long as water used in a fire eventually dries up, there will not be any additional significant damage to the premises.

The reality is that if there remains usable personal property within the premises after a fire is extinguished, that property usually must be dried within 24 to 48 hours in order to remain useful. Moreover, the physical structure of a building must likewise be addressed within that time period of water damage can become significant.

Some damage is another aspect of a commercial fire that can and oftentimes does have long term and even permanent consequences. Remediation of smoke damage is also something that needs to commence directly after a fire is extinguished.

Dealing with these types of issues in a timely manner and in order to avoid further harm usually necessitates at least some sort of prompt movement in regard to an insurance claim. A business typically must have funds made available promptly as part of an overall claim process to address immediate concerns like water damage and smoke damage as well as other pressing issues.

Overview of Fires and Business Insurance Policies

The Florida insurance industry classifies fires in one of two ways:

  • Friendly
  • Hostile

A friendly fire is one ignited by a business enterprise for a legitimate purpose. Such a fire remains in the place intended and burns for the purpose desired.

On the other hand, a hostile fire is one that is unintended. In the alternative, a hostile fire can be a friendly fire that becomes uncontrollable.

In years now largely gone by, insurers sold insurance policies to business specifically to cover losses sustained as a result of a fire. In this day and age, the vast majority of companies have fire insurance protection through more comprehensive business insurance policies.

Consult a Florida Business Insurance Claim Lawyer Following a Fire

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