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Florida Property Damage Lawyer: Storm Damage, Insurance Companies and Claims, and Your Legal Interests

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Pursuing an insurance claim for storm damage can be a very challenging undertaking. Time and again, insurance companies do everything in their power to deny valid claims or reduce the amount of money paid out in a particular situation. This grim reality illustrates why a Florida property damage lawyer can be invaluable to you when your home or business has suffered storm damage.

Understanding the Florida Statute of Limitations and Time Limits on Making a Claim

Property damage to homes and businesses oftentimes is the result of storm like a hurricane of other major weather event. Florida law establishes an absolute deadline by which you must file a claim for damage to your home or business caused by a hurricane or other type of storm. The law that establishes a final deadline by which a storm damage insurance claim must be filed is called the statute of limitations.

In the state of Florida, you have to file a storm-related property damaged claim from within three years of the date the loss occurred. For example, Hurricane Irma hit Florida on September 10, 2017. As a result, an insurance claim for property damage caused by Hurricane Irma had to be filed by September 20, 2020.

There can be exceptions to the insurance claim filing deadline established by the statute of limitations. For example, if there was damage to your home that you reasonably were unable to detect or identify within the three year time period, you may be able to file a claim after the deadline established by Florida law.

In a situation in which a home or business owner desires to make a case for filing a claim beyond the deadline generally established by Florida law, a insurance company is very likely to pull out all the stops to deny such a claim. A property insurance company is apt to take a position that there is no legitimate justification for not filing a claim within the normal three-year time period. This type of scenario represents a situation in which a homeowner or business owner can best protect his or her legal interests by hiring a qualified lawyer.

Storm Flooding and Insurance Claims: What Really Caused Damage to a Home or Business?

Another challenging area associated with storm-related property damage claims involves weather events that involve wind and water. The typical homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t cover property damage primarily caused by water. The same holds true for a standard insurance policy covering property damage to a business.

Because of this type of limitation, insurance companies routinely attempt to deny coverage for storm-related property damage by contending that the loss primarily was caused by water or flooding, even when that factually is not the case. A home or business owner can end up with a real fight on his or her hands in order to obtain appropriate compensation for losses. This represents another situation in which the professional assistance of a seasoned Florida property damage attorney can be invaluable.

Protect Your Legal Interests with an Experienced Florida Property Damage Lawyer

If you have found yourself in need of pursuing an insurance claim for damage to your home or business, you best protect your vital legal interests by engaging a tenacious, experienced attorney, like a member of the legal team at The Doan Law Firm.

The bottom line is that property insurance companies are in business for one primary purpose – to make money for their stockholders. Insurance companies will do nearly everything imaginable – and more than a few things you’d never have dreamt of – to avoid paying out money on a claim. A skilled Doan Law Firm Florida property damage lawyer is available to you right now and is ready to fight to protect your legal interests and to tirelessly work to get you the compensation you need and deserve.

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