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Hazing is defined as any activity essentially required of a student interested in joining, or being initiated into, a fraternity or sorority

that in fact humiliates, degrades, endangers, or abuses that individual. Hazing includes an element of coercion. Hazing can result in a young person sustaining injuries, oftentimes of a serious nature. In addition, fraternity members are killed in hazing incidents. The ramifications of these incidents underscore the need for strong legal representation from an experienced fraternity hazing lawyer.

73 percent of members of fraternities in the United States report that they were subjected to hazing, according to the in-depth National Study of Student Hazing: Examining and Transforming Campus Hazing. The number of sorority members that experienced hazing is less, but it is a significant problem among Greek organizations for women as well.

Types of Fraternity Hazing Injuries

Fraternity hazing comes in a variety of forms. Many hazing practices poise threats of physical injury. Others can result in psychological and emotional damage. Still other hazing rituals can cause both.

Examples of more common hazing practices include:

  • forced consumption of mind-altering substances
  • exposure to extreme temperatures without proper protection
  • branding
  • forced ingestion of substances
  • bondage
  • beatings
  • nudity and sexual acts
  • deprivation of different types

A fraternity hazing attorney is invaluable in assisting an injured person determine not only whether but how certain activities rise to the level of hazing. The legal team at The Doan Law Office includes fraternity hazing lawyers and can be reached at (424) 334-0000.

Sorority Hazing Injury Cases

Sorority hazing, although not as commonplace as among fraternities, does occur. Sorority hazing typically involves the forced consumption of mind-altering substances and some of the less aggressive practices also undertaken by fraternities. Although the rate of hazing injuries is notably higher among fraternities, annually women in sororities end up in hospital emergency rooms because of injuries sustained through hazing.

Compensation in a Fraternity Hazing Injury Case

Compensation likely to be awarded in a fraternity hazing case, that resulted in injuries, depends largely on the specific facts and circumstances at hand. Nonetheless, there are some types of losses, injuries, and damages that typically result in claims for compensation in fraternity hazing cases. The same holds true for compensation in sorority hazing incidents as well.

  • medical expenses
  • pain and suffering
  • emotional distress
  • permanent injury or disability
  • various ancillary losses

In a shocking number of fraternity hazing cases, a person ends up with issues that persist into the future. For example, a fraternity pledge or brother may experience serious injuries that require medical treatment into the future. In addition, pain and suffering can also persist for an extended period of time. An injured individual is entitled to compensation for these future issues that reasonably can be expected to occur.

In addition, if the conduct of a wrongdoer in a fraternity hazing case is particularly reckless or egregious, punitive damages may be awarded to an injured person in a lawsuit. Punitive damages not only award an injured person with additional compensation, but also serve to punish a wrongdoer.

Fraternity Hazing Wrongful Death Case

A fraternity hazing lawyer provides invaluable assistance in the event a person is killed in a fraternity or sorority hazing incident. California law permits the parents, and certain other family members, to initiate a wrongful death claim and lawsuit if a loved one is killed in a hazing incident. If the deceased individual's parents are also gone, siblings are then in a position to consider bringing a fraternity hazing wrongful death lawsuit.

Compensation in a fraternity hazing wrongful death case include:

  • medical bills
  • funeral expenses
  • lost companionship
  • emotional distress

Experienced Fraternity Hazing Lawyer

The first step in protecting the legal rights of a victim of fraternity hazing is retaining the professional services of a skilled fraternity hazing attorney from The Doan Law Firm. Keep in mind that an attorney from our firm does not charge any fee for an initial consultation regarding a fraternity hazing injury case.

An appointment can be scheduled with a fraternity hazing lawyer by calling (424) 334-0000. Our phone lines are staffed around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year. In addition, we can schedule an appointment with you at our conveniently located offices in Los Angeles, at your home, at any college or university, or even at a hospital, depending on your on circumstances.

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