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While the rest of the country thinks that the only amusement parks in Florida are located in Tampa and Orlando, South Florida has its own family fun areas such as the City of Miami-operated Grapeland, Santa’s Enchanted Forest, and Uncle Bernies in Fort Lauderdale. But, like their better-known counterparts to the north, every amusement park has its share of accidents and injuries.

Causes Of Amusement Park Accidental Injuries

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the federal agency that tracks amusement park injuries in the United States, many injuries at amusement parks require are “minor” and require not much more than a visit to a local emergency room or treatment at the park’s medical clinic. “Serious” injuries are those that require more than an overnight hospital for either treatment of an injury or for observation.

The Commission’s observations suggest that most amusement and theme park injuries can be traced back to three general causes:

  • Negligence by the park’s ride operators or inadequate safety inspections of the parks equipment
  • Park guests who violate the park’s safety rules, intentionally or inadvertently
  • Park guests with medical conditions such as a previous neck or back injury or an undiagnosed medical condition such as heart disease
  • Negligence by the park’s ride operators or inadequate safety inspections of the parks equipment

The ride operators are aware of the park’s policies regarding who may be a passenger on each ride, such as a minimum weight or height requirement. Also, the operators are responsible for making sure that each rider is properly and safely secured before each ride begins its run.

Although all parks have standard rules that establish safety inspection timetables, the inspection may have been done by an inexperienced inspector or may have been only a visual inspection that would not have detected a problem that was not obvious.

  • Park guests who violate the park’s safety rules

Amusement park employees will tell you that some guests will intentionally break park safety rules for no reason except to annoy employees or other guests. There are also times that a language barrier or literacy issues will result in an unintentional transgression of the park’s rules. If this is the case the park’s employees should be alert to the unintentional violation and guide the visitor back into a safe area.

  • Park guests with medical conditions

For safety reasons, guests with obvious medical conditions such as casts or those using crutches are usually not permitted on rides that subject the rider to sudden changes in direction and speed of the ride. There are times, however, that a guest with an undiagnosed medical condition may become ill or injured if the ride subjects them to stresses that are not usually encountered in their daily lives.

Who Is Responsible For Amusement Park Accidents

In general, any injury that occurs on the property of a park is assumed to be 1) the result of some breakdown of safety procedures that are already in use and are proven to be effective for visitor safety or 2) a mechanical malfunction of some piece of the park’s attractions. These malfunctions will usually occur on rides or attractions that require some form of safety devices that protect the visitors from sudden violent motions that are common on roller coasters and similar attractions.

Even if a visitor’s actions were a deliberate violation of the park’s safety procedures, if the visitor is injured while on the park’s premises the visitor is usually able to recover damages.

An Amusement Park Accident Injury Lawyer In The Miami Area

Injuries from amusement park attractions can be quite serious in nature and moving these cases through the courts requires a great deal of experience in managing these personal injury claims. In addition to proving liability for such injuries, there are also issues regarding the question of how the injured visitor’s own actions may have contributed to the injury and thus reduces the park’s liability.

If you or a family have been injured in an amusement park accident, you should contact the amusement park accident attorney at the Doan Law Firm Miami by calling (786) 671-0000 to discuss the nature and the circumstances of your injury.

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