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Of all the crimes in our society, child molestation is undoubtedly the most repulsive to our sense of moral values. It is even more shocking when we learn that such crimes were a part of an ongoing activity such as producing and distributing child pornography.

While some cases of child molestation are committed by someone unknown to the child, there are cases where the molester is a family member, a family friend, or a “trusted adult” such as a school teacher, coach, or a religious figure such as a minister or priest. Tragically, in most of these cases the child is intimidated into remaining silent about the abuses they have suffered and those who are aware of the abuse take active measures to keep the crime from becoming known.

Two cases represent the most notorious examples of this conspiracy of silence:

  • For at least 30 years the Roman Catholic Church in the United States actively covered up hundreds of cases of child molestation by transferring the offending priests or nuns from one assignment to another where the offenders continued their patterns of abuse while the Church did nothing to prevent the continuing molestation of boys and girls.
  • In 2012 former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 counts of molesting teenage boys over a 20-year period. Investigators from both Pennsylvania and the FBI concluded that Penn State officials had lied to investigators concerning their knowledge that Sandusky was a sexual predator.

Although these two cases saw national publicity, there are hundreds of other instances where such authority figures repeatedly molest and sexually abuse children.

Analysis of child molestation reports suggests there are some locations and circumstances where child molestation seems more likely to occur.

  • summer camps and overnight camping trips that are sponsored by church groups or civic organizations
  • athletics, where the team coach is the molester
  • after school and weekend activities such as the Boy Scouts

Filing A Child Molestation Victim Lawsuit

The process of filing a child molestation victim lawsuit can be almost as stressful on the child and parents as the act of molestation itself.

In cases of child molestation the person filing the lawsuit can be:

  • the child, through the child’s parents or legal guardian
  • the child’s parents, legal guardian, or caregiver

Regardless of who files a lawsuit, any plaintiff may ask for 1) actual damages which represent current and future medical expenses that are a direct consequence of the act or acts of abuse, as well as compensation for any psychological or social trauma experienced by the victim and 2) punitive damages which are awarded to punish the molester and deter other persons from committing such acts to other children. The parents, guardians, and caregivers may also claim damages for their mental anguish and other stresses related to the child’s molestation.

Statutes Of Limitations And Child Molestation Victim Lawsuits

The Florida statutes of limitations dealing with child molestation can be confusing at times but, as of 2016, a civil lawsuit on behalf of a child molestation victim must be started within:

  • 7 years after the victim reaches the age of 18
  • 4 years after the victim is no longer a dependent of the abuser, regardless of the victim’s age
  • 4 years after the victim becomes aware of the abuse and the direct relation of the abuse to any physical or psychological problems the victim is experiencing

In light of the confusing nature of the statutes of limitations regarding child molestation in which the victim is an adult, the advice of a child molestation victim attorney should be sought when such lawsuits are being considered.

Finding A Child Molestation Victim Lawyer

A child molestation lawsuit is a stressful time. For this reason, selecting a child molestation victim attorney with the knowledge and experience to manage the upcoming case is critically important.

The child molestation victim lawyer at the Doan Law Firm is ready to handle these complex cases with both compassion and professionalism. A consultation regarding a child molestation lawsuit is always conducted with discretion and the attorney-client relationship automatically extends to any child that may have been molested.

If you considering a child molestation lawsuit, you should contact the child molestation victim lawyer at the Doan Law Group by calling (786) 671-0000. Your initial consultation is always free and does not obligate you in any way. If you decide to retain our firm, you will pay no upfront charges or fees. We will absorb all the expenses necessary for the successful completion of your case in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of your final settlement.

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