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Whenever you are on the streets and highways of New York, from the Five Boroughs to the Upstate, you will be sharing the road with trucks of all sizes. These trucks, regardless of their size, will sometimes be involved in accidents. If one of those accidents happens to involve you and your vehicle, you will need the services of a New York truck accident lawyer.

In NY and NYC all commercial trucking operators must have insurance coverage

In order to legally operate in the State of New York any commercial vehicle, be it an automobile, light truck, heavy truck, or motorcycle must carry liability insurance. In general, the required minimum amount of liability insurance is the same as that required for interstate trucking unless the vehicle is a taxi, limousine, or a livery vehicle. These types of vehicles must carry the minimum insurance required to be licensed by the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Liability after a New York City truck accident

After any traffic accident in New York City that is anything more than a fender-bender, there will be a police investigation and within a few days an accident report will be available. It is important to remember that the police accident investigation is a report of the circumstances of the accident such as road and weather conditions, witness statements, and other information that can be collected at the scene. As such, it does not establish liability.

Liability is a civil rather than a criminal matter. Thus, liability can only be assigned by a civil jury and not by an accident report. Even if a police report indicates that you appear to be at fault, this does not mean that you are liable because there may be factors that do not appear on the accident report. When liability for an accident is disputed by either party, it is always best to consult an accident lawyer for advice before accepting responsibility or liability for an accident.

Damages that may be awarded after a New York City truck accident

As in any other accident, you can claim compensation for any damages that result from that accident.

While all accidents will not lead to identical damages claims, the most frequently-requested damages include:

  • Repair or replacement of your vehicle, and the cost of a rental vehicle or the costs of for-hire transportation.
  • Current and anticipated medical expenses.
  • Loss of wages or other income.
  • Disruptions of family life and business operations
  • Legal expenses not related to lawsuit for damages, such as traffic court costs.

Since all accident cases are unique, damages requested should always be made after a consultation with a New York truck accident lawyer.

Why you need a New York City truck accident lawyer

The period following an accident is always a stressful time. When you consider the number of adjustments that have to be made to personal, family, and business schedules and the number of unexpected expenses that must be paid, it can seem that you need to settle your accident claim as soon as possible. This is exactly how an insurance company wants you to feel!

When it comes to settling claims, insurance companies that insure commercial trucks are fond of the “3D” strategy: Delay, Deny, and Defend! This means that they will 1) make you wait until they think that you will accept any settlement, 2) offer you a settlement that is below the actual value of your claim and then 3) attempt to force you to accept that claim by threatening to go to court unless you settle on their terms.

When you hire the New York truck accident lawyer at the Doan Law Firm, you will turn the table on an insurance company! Instead of dealing with you, they will be dealing with an experienced truck accident lawyer who will force them to deal fairly with you.

If an insurance company is trying to pull their 3D strategy, you should contact our New York truck accident lawyer by calling (646) 847-0000 to arrange a free review of your truck accident claim. At our firm, you first consultation is always free and doesn’t obligate you to hiring our firm to represent you. If you decide to have us represent you in your New York truck accident case, we will assume responsibility for all fees and costs required for us to win your case in return for an agreed-upon percentage of the final settlement that we will win for you.

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