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Motorcycle accidents are relatively common but serious events in Orlando, Daytona Beach, and Melbourne, Fla.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), motorcyclist deaths occurred at 27 times the rate of car or truck passenger deaths (2014) because:

  • Motorcycles are typically lighter and less stable than a car or truck. They’re also less visible to most other drivers on the highway.
  • When a motorcycle crash occurs, bikers aren’t protected by an enclosed car or truck. For that reason, serious head injuries are more likely to occur as a result of a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, motorcyclist fatalities are more common as well.

After a motorcycle accident in Orlando, victims and their families need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.

Motorcyclist Discrimination

Studies from theInternational Journal of Motorcycle Studies show that police bias against motorcyclists and pillion seat passengers is common. Although most motorcyclists are safe and law-abiding motorists, it’s not always possible to avoid negligent car or truck drivers.

When a motorcycle accident happens, it’s important to engage an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer right away. There’s no time to lose. The driver at fault in the motorcycle accident must be brought to justice. The Doan Law Firm of Orlando, Fla. is an experienced personal injury law firm. We’re here to protect the rights of Orlando motorcycle accident victims.

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers for Motorcycle Accident Victims

Motorcycle crash victims need an experienced personal injury law firm to handle their case. Some laws specifically apply to motorcycle crashes and accidents. A negligent driver causing a motorcycle crash is unlikely to admit fault and a host of complex legal issues may apply.

Many personal injury cases settle before the trial date. If the case goes to court, the successful personal injury lawyer must supply evidence needed by the jury to decide the case. The lawyer must convince members of the jury that the client wasn’t driving recklessly. The experienced motorcycle accident lawyer knows that deflecting prejudice against the motorcycle accident victim is often crucial to winning the victim’s personal injury case.

The injured or deceased victim may not be able to testify in court. The Doan Law Firm’s lawyers and experts will present the facts of the case, such as:

  • How and when the motorcycle accident crash occurred.
  • Crash scene photo analysis and commentary by accident reconstruction experts.
  • Medical experts’ testimony concerning the victim or victims’ injuries.

By providing thorough legal representation for motorcycle crash victims, the Doan Law Firm tells the story of who hit the victim, where the accident happened, how hard the victim or victims were hit, how severe the resulting injuries were, and the financial impact of the motorcycle accident on victim(s).

Orlando Motorcycle Accident Financial Impact

Motorcyclists operate two-wheel vehicles and, because of this fact, they usually can’t buy personal injury protection (PIP) that’s available to car and truck drivers (four-plus wheels). In the event of a severe motorcycle accident, paying medical bills and dealing with lost wages can be a nightmare. The injured victim’s health insurance might not pay for injuries, either, under one or more policy exclusions.

The personal injury lawyer must determine:

  • What in-force insurance the motorcyclist has and what it covers.
  • What financial resources the victim has to pay for hospitalization, medical treatment, and recovery.

Motorcycle accident victims and their passengers aren’t required to have an “injury threshold” to file a legal complaint against the negligent driver. Permanent injuries, scars, and disfigurement aren’t necessary to ask an attorney to file a lawsuit. In addition, victims are allowed to seek pain and suffering damages for their temporary injury or injuries endured as a result of the accident.

Florida Motorcycle Helmet Law

Wearing a motorcycle helmet is always best for the motorcyclist and passengers. It’s the best defense against head injuries if a motorcycle accident happens.

However, if a motorcycle accident happens and the driver/passenger wasn’t wearing a helmet, it’s not necessarily a black mark against him or her. Florida law doesn’t require a helmet if the rider is at least 21 years old and has minimum ($10,000) medical insurance coverage.

Comparative Negligence Motorcycle Accident

Earlier in this post, we mentioned that a motorcycle accident may involve complex legal issues. In a motorcycle accident case, the accused’s insurance company is likely to argue against the accident victim even if he or she didn’t cause the accident.

The plaintiff’s lawyers are likely to argue that the victim bears at least a percentage of blame even if the police report, witnesses, and other evidence supports the opposite conclusion.

Engaging an experienced personal injury lawyer protects and educates victim(s) and their families. The personal injury lawyer explains what to expect if the case goes to trial. The Doan Law Firm in Orlando, Fla. stands ready to defend victim’s rights in court.

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