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All of us have heard the expression “accidents happen.” While this may indeed be true, the fact remains that all too often an accident results in an injury to someone. It is also true that accidents are preventable and that if an accident was preventable, then the person or persons whose actions caused an accident are said to be “liable” for any injuries.

In many cases, the person injured and the person responsible for an accident will reach an agreement as to the compensation to be paid to the injured party. When this cannot be accomplished, the injured person has the legal right to retain an accident lawyer and file a lawsuit asking a court to decide the facts of the case and to award “damages” to the person injured. These damages can include the costs of medical care for the injury, replacement of damaged property, wages lost because of inability to work, and any other factors that may be present.

We Represent Those Injured In Accidents

The injury attorney at the Doan Law Firm will represent clients and their families in all types of accidental personal injury cases such as:

  • Automobile, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents
  • Defective airbags, including airbag explosions
  • Slip and fall accidents in public buildings, sidewalks, or in parking lots due to ice and snow buildup
  • Accidents involving railroads, including accidents at unguarded railroad crossings
  • Public transportation accidents including taxis, city buses, chartered buses, and for-hire limousines
  • Accidents at sporting events, concerts, and other public gatherings
  • Drowning and near-drowning accidents
  • Accidents in public parks, jogging paths, and uncovered pedestrian bridges
  • Medical malpractice
  • Dangerous drugs, to include both prescription and over the counter (OTC) medications
  • Defective consumer products including canned foods, frozen foods, and household appliances
  • Brain and spine injuries
  • Wrongful death

The above-listed cases are, of course, not the only types of cases the Doan Law Firm will handle on your behalf. A call to our accident lawyer at (800) 349-0000 is all that it takes for you to get the answer to any questions regarding your accidental injury claim.

The New York Statutes Of Limitations and Personal Injury Claims

New York, like other states, places certain time limits on the filing of legal actions related to personal injury. These limits, known as statutes of limitations, are actually legal safeguards against lawsuits that are filed years after the event in question when witnesses or evidence is no longer available.

Although subject to change by the legislature, the following limitations are current as of this writing:

  • Personal injury: within three years of the date the injury occurred
  • Damage to personal property: within three years of the date the damage occurred
  • Defective consumer products: within three years of the date the defect became known
  • Wrongful death: within two years of the date of death
  • Medical malpractice: within 30 months (2½ years) of the date of the alleged act occurred. If the act was leaving a foreign body inside a patient, legal action must begin within one year of the date the object was discovered or should have been discovered. These rules apply to adults only. The statutes for children are different and should be discussed with an injury attorney.

There are some instances where the statutes could be modified. These changes usually apply to special circumstances and should be discussed with an accident attorney who is familiar with the facts and circumstances of the case.

Contact The Injury Lawyer At The Doan Law Firm To Discuss Your Accident

It is a common mistake in personal injury cases for someone who has been injured to think that they can handle all the details of their injury case without the services of an injury lawyer. In practically all such “self-representation” cases they will sign a settlement agreement and claim release that represents only a fraction of the settlement that they could have been entitled to.

Before signing any type of claim release or other such document, you should contact the Rochester injury lawyer at the Doan Law Firm to review the details of your personal injury case and learn if the settlement you are being offered is actually a fair settlement.

You can contact the Rochester injury lawyer at the Doan Law Firm Rochester by calling (800) 349-0000 at any time, day or night. At the Doan Law Firm, your first consultation with an accident attorney is always free and without any obligation. If you decide that we should represent you, we assume all responsibility for any expenses required to prepare your case and we will accept as our payment in full a previously agreed-upon percentage of your final settlement.

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  1. After an accident, the responsible party's insurance company may try to reduce the claim amount. Commonly, insurance adjusters are trained to get information from the injured to assist in reducing the claim. Though some insurers are less guilty of this practice than others, it is important to realize that insurance companies are profit-oriented corporations and reducing claims results in increased profits for shareholders. This can create a situation for the injured in which they are offered a settlement that does not truly reflect the damages suffered. If you accept this settlement, you lose the ability to get more money should your injuries require further medical treatments. It is critical that victims get legal assistance in any personal injury case, and The Doan Law Firm is prepared to fight relentlessly for your rights.
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