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Benefits of a San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer

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Each year, people in and around San Diego suffer from a wide array of different types of injuries. These include injuries that are the result of accidents caused by someone else’s negligence.

In the aftermath of an accident that results in injury, many people are left in the position of considering whether or not they should retain a San Diego Personal injury lawyer, like a member of the legal team at The Doan Law Firm at (760) 991-0000. There are a number of significant benefits to be realized from hiring a skilled, experienced, compassionate personal injury lawyer.

Maximizing Financial Compensation

One of the most significant benefits associated with retaining a San Diego personal injury lawyer is prospect of increasing the amount of money obtained in compensation for injuries, losses, and damages. Time and again, injured individuals fear that hiring an attorney will cost a great deal of money and will cause them to lose a considerable amount of any possible financial recovery.

In fact, statistics reveal that injured people that retain a San Diego personal injury lawyer end up with more money in their pockets through a settlement with an insurance company or a judgment in a lawsuit. This proves to be a reality even when attorney fees are taken into consideration.

The nature and extent of compensation obtained in a personal injury case is governed by the facts and circumstances that surround the accident and associated injuries. There are certain types of losses for which a skilled, tenacious San Diego personal injury attorney will seek financial compensation for an injured client.

These include:

  • medical expenses
  • pain and suffering
  • mental anguish
  • lost wages
  • property damage
  • property loss

A committed, experienced personal injury lawyer will not only seek money to compensate for existing losses, but will fight for money for losses reasonably expected to be incurred in the future. A person injured in an accident may require ongoing medical care and treatment. For example, such an individual may require physical therapy and other treatments indefinitely.

An injured person may not be able to return to work in the immediate future. He or she may never be able to return to the same job because of injuries sustained in an accident. Pain and suffering may be chronic. It may even last a lifetime. These all represent the types of losses for which a dedicated personal injury lawyer, like a member of the San Diego Doan Law Firm legal team, will fight to obtain for a client.

Fighting the Insurance Company

More of than not, following an accident, an insurance company will be involved in the process of resolving a personal injury case. Initially, there may be an attempt to settle an insurance claim with an insurance company. If that does not happen, a lawsuit may be filed, and an insurance company will be involved in that as well.

Another significant, crucial benefit representation from a skill San Diego personal injury attorney provides is an experienced professional to take on an insurance company. In the final analysis, an insurance company is in business for one primary reason. An insurance company exists to make money for its shareholders.

As a result, an insurance company will employ a wide range of tactics designed to delay, minimize, or prevent the fair settlement of a claim for compensation. A personal injury lawyer knows how to counter these strategies of insurance companies in order to better insure an injured person obtains a fair settlement.

Hire an Experienced San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer

The first step in retaining the services of a skilled San Diego personal injury lawyer is calling the Doan Law Firm injury hotline at (760) 991-0000. The Doan Law Firm injury hotline is staffed around the clock, 365 days a year, including all major holidays.

An initial consultation with a member of our legal team can be scheduled any time that is convenient for you. We can meet with you at our offices, conveniently located in San Diego. We can even meet with you at your home or the hospital, depending on your particular circumstances. We never charge a fee for an initial consultation in a personal injury case.

The Doan Law Firm Attorney Fee Promise

A San Diego personal injury lawyer from The Doan Law Firm never charges a fee unless we obtain a favorable settlement or judgment for you. That is our promise to you. No fees, unless we win.

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