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In California, a wrongful death is a one caused by the intentional act without justification, or the negligent conduct, of another individual or legal entity. A California wrongful death claim and a California wrongful death lawsuit are considered civil claims. Certain survivors, or family members, of a deceased person directly pursue a wrongful death claim or lawsuit. In addition, the personal representative of the estate of the deceased family member can also pursue a wrongful death claim and lawsuit.

Who Can Bring a California Wrongful Death Case?

California law is broader than what is found in nearly all other states in the country when it comes to family members with legal authority to pursue a wrongful death case.

Examples of family members that can bring a California wrongful death case include:

  • spouse
  • domestic partner
  • children

If there is no spouse, domestic partner, or child at the time of the individual’s death, other family members move into position to proceed with a California wrongful death lawsuit.

These include:

  • parents
  • siblings

If a putative spouse, and children of that individual, can demonstrate that they relied upon the deceased individual for support, they may also be able to pursue a San Francisco wrongful death case. A putative spouse is someone that thought he or she was married to the deceased individual, but there was a legal issue that prevented a lawful union.

If the deceased individual had stepchildren, they might be able to pursue a wrongful death claim. They need to demonstrate that the depended for financial support on the person killed by the intentional act or negligence of another party.

A San Francisco wrongful death lawyer from The Doan Law Firm at (405) 991-0000 can explore your specific rights pertaining to a wrongful death case. A member of our legal team will provide necessary information about your legal rights in a California wrongful death case.

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Compensation in a California Wrongful Death Case

One major question you may have involves compensation in a California wrongful death case. No amount of money will ever appropriately compensate you for the loss of your loved one because of the conduct of someone else. Nonetheless, at least some level of justice is possible when we fight to obtain compensation for you following the wrongful death of a beloved family member.

The facts and circumstances of each individual case govern the nature and extent of compensation we can seek for you. In addition, your relationship to the deceased family member is part of the compensation equation as well.

Examples of losses, injuries, and damages for which we week financial recovery on your behalf includes:

  • funeral and burial costs
  • medical bills and expenses
  • lost income
  • lost potential income
  • value of household services
  • lost anticipated financial support
  • loss of love and affection
  • loss of moral support and guidance
  • mental anguish

If the circumstances surrounding the death of your family member are particularly egregious, a San Francisco wrongful death lawyer from our firm will fight for punitive damages for you. Punitive damages represent additional compensation when the conduct of a person causing a wrongful death is particularly reckless or atrocious.

The civil lawsuit against the infamous OJ Simpson provides an example in California of when a court awarded punitive damages. The families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald L. Goldman were awarded $25 million in punitive damages. Football superstar and sometime actor Simpson was found responsible for the deaths of Brown Simpson and Goldman in the civil lawsuit. Keep in mind that the Simpson civil case is an outlier when it comes to the amount of punitive damages awarded by a jury.

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