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Automobile Seat Defects

We ONLY handle INJURY CLAIMS involving car defects. If you have a car defect only claim, please contact a non-injury car defect lawyer.

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Many people do not know that automobile seats are key parts of a vehicle’s safety system. Seats are the foundation for seat belt restraints, airbags, and head restraints. When seats do not hold occupants in the correct position during crashes, devastating injuries may occur.

Common Automobile Seat Defects

Defective seats are very dangerous, especially during rear impact accidents that include passengers in the back seat. Collapsing vehicle seats and seat back failures are the most common malfunctions that lead to injuries.

Seat back failure may result in catastrophic injuries or death. A defective or poorly designed seat may collapse backward after impact, which causes an occupant to be thrown backward. Even a low speed and low impact accident may cause major injuries to the spine or other body parts. A collapsing vehicle seat places extra pressure on passengers in the back seat as well.

Serious Conditions Caused by Defective Seats

Rear-passenger injuries are the most prevalent negative effects of collapsed seats. However, seat back failures may cause ejection from vehicles as well. During a collision, the back and head are thrown around the vehicle, so blunt force trauma often results. A defective headrest will not protect the head and may become a dangerous projectile after an accident as well.

A defective seat may cause a driver to lose control while the car is in motion. As the seat collapses, the driver cannot sit upright and see the road. It becomes impossible to properly steer the vehicle and avoid an accident.

Safety Standards

Federal safety standards that relate to seat defects are extremely lenient and antiquated. Safety experts explain that many automobile seats are no sturdier than lawn chairs. Seats are not required to be rated after crash tests and routinely fail rear-impact testing. Major manufacturers have been aware of these dangers for years and have done little to make seats safer. If you have been injured from a seat defect or malfunction, it is essential to hold these manufacturers responsible for their negligence.

The Doan Law Firm Difference

The Doan Law Firm employs experienced lawyers who successfully handle product liability and personal injury cases. We understand the devastation that can result from automobile seat defects or malfunctions. We have handled these types of claims for over a decade. Our attorneys have the training and resources to win difficult cases against major motor vehicle manufacturers. There are no fees unless we win so for a free phone consultation, call our office at (800) 349-0000. You will speak with a qualified lawyer ready to address your questions and concerns. Let us be your advocate and bring you fair compensation. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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