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Defective Auto Glass

An automobile is filled with glass. The windshield and other windows act as protective barriers that prevent ejection. Some glass reinforces the roof to add protection during a rollover. However, when auto glass contains defects, protective properties disappear and danger may result.

Various Forms of Glass Used in Vehicles

Recent regulations in the auto industry have set standards regarding the type of glass that can be used in windshields. In the past, tempered glass was commonly used throughout vehicles. This glass was known to shatter violently upon impact. Today, technology has developed laminated glass, which contains a layer of plastic that keeps shattered glass from scattering. For ultimate protection, the latest laws require windshields to be crafted from laminated glass. However, there are no mandates that govern the makeup of windows and sunroofs.

Common Auto Glass Defects and Injuries

It is obvious that auto glass will shatter upon impact. However, laminated glass is made to prevent injuries. Sometimes, windshield defects, faulty side windows, or defective sunroofs lead to serious injuries or worse.

Despite the large amount of data that supports the heightened safety of laminated glass, certain car manufacturers continue to use less effective products. Low quality glass shatters into many pieces, which leaves drivers and passengers vulnerable to harm. Although injuries may be as simple as minor cuts, deficient glass may cause partial or complete vehicle ejection. Also, sharp pieces of broken non-laminated glass can sever muscles or major arteries. This may lead to massive scarring or death.

The use of tempered glass is dangerous in all vehicles, especially SUVs. These large automobiles have a high propensity to rollover. This means occupants using seat belts may experience fatal head injuries after an accident.

Who is Accountable?

When a person becomes injured from an auto glass defect, it is essential to identify the party responsible for compensation. Car manufacturers choose the type of glass used in vehicles. High quality glass costs more to produce and lowers brand profits. When an auto manufacturer chooses to use inferior materials, these large companies should be held accountable for resulting injuries.

The Doan Law Firm Can Help

The Doan Law Firm handles cases in vehicle safety defect product liability cases. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury from defective auto glass, call our experienced team of lawyers at (800) 349-0000. We are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to address your questions. There are no fees unless we win. We understand the pain that results from defective auto glass accidents. Do not allow car manufacturers to get away with negligent behavior. Let our team of lawyers, medical consultants, and investigators uncover the reasons behind your suffering and obtain the fair compensation you deserve.

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