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How does a Victim of Sexual Assault by a Doctor Pursue a Claim

The Doan Law Firm Legal Team Fights for Sexual Assault Victims

The U.S. Department of Justice's National Crime Victimization Survey reports that there are about 238,000 victims of sexual assault in the country each year. If you or a loved one is the victim of sexual assault, you may be in a quandary as to what you need to do to fully protect your legal rights and interests.

You may have filed a police report and are cooperating fully in the criminal prosecution of the perpetrator. Your involvement in the criminal prosecution is understandably challenging.

Another avenue you need to consider taking to obtain justice in your situation is pursuing a civil lawsuit. There is no doubt that this is also a challenging course to take. Understanding this reality, with a compassionate, skilled, and experienced attorney at your side, you can have confidence in knowing that your interests are fully protected.

The Doan Law Firm legal team includes qualified, caring sexual assault victim attorneys. You can make contact with The Doan Law Firm 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (including major holidays) by calling its sexual assault victim hotline at (800) 349-0000.

Identify All Responsible Parties

A primary step in pursuing a claim and obtaining justice in a sexual assault case is identifying all potentially responsible parties. The reality is that the actual perpetrator may not be the only party legally responsible for the injuries, damages, and losses associated with your victimization.

A number of examples illustrate how other parties can share in responsibility for a sexual assault. The perpetrator's employer may be responsible for your injuries as a result of a sexual assault. If the assault occurred on the premises of a business, and an employee perpetrated the attack, the business itself is a potentially legally responsible party.

Another example is helpful to illustrate the potential extent of responsibility in a sexual assault case. Assuming again that an assault occurred on the premises of a business. In this case, the assault is said to have occurred in the parking lot a business at nighttime. The business might be held partially responsible for the assault if the company failed to provide reasonably appropriate security at the premises, including the parking lot.

Determine Full Extent of Injuries, Damages, and Losses

A part of making a sexual assault victim claim for compensation is determining the nature and extent of the injuries, damages, and losses associated with the victimization. Each sexual assault case has its own unique set of facts.

With that said, examples of the types of losses for which compensation is sought in this type of case include:

  • mental anguish
  • emotional distress
  • medical bills
  • therapy expenses
  • lost wages
  • pain and suffering

Due to the nature of sexual assault cases, you are likely to be entitled to financial compensation not only for losses experienced to date but also for those you reasonably can be expected to face in the future that are directly related to the assault. For example, many sexual assault victims have long term emotional issues.

These can include:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • PTSD
  • combination of emotional issues

These are examples of ongoing issues or injuries associated with a sexual assault that will continue into the future. These are examples of ongoing losses for which you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Hire a Skilled Sexual Assault Victim Lawyer from The Doan Law Firm

You need to be proactive when it comes to retaining the professional assistance of a sexual assault victim lawyer, like a member of the legal team from The Doan Law Firm. The first step in getting a caring, tenacious sexual assault victim attorney on your side is to schedule an initial consultation with The Doan Law Firm by calling (800) 349-0000.

Our firm has offices from coast to coast across the United States. We can schedule an appointment with you at any one of our offices, at your own home, or even a virtual consultation online. During an initial appointment, a member of our legal team will provide you with an evaluation of your case. An attorney from our firm will explain the claim and sexual assault victim lawsuit processes. You will have the chance to ask any questions you may have about your situation.

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  1. After an accident, the responsible party's insurance company may try to reduce the claim amount. Commonly, insurance adjusters are trained to get information from the injured to assist in reducing the claim. Though some insurers are less guilty of this practice than others, it is important to realize that insurance companies are profit-oriented corporations and reducing claims results in increased profits for shareholders. This can create a situation for the injured in which they are offered a settlement that does not truly reflect the damages suffered. If you accept this settlement, you lose the ability to get more money should your injuries require further medical treatments. It is critical that victims get legal assistance in any personal injury case, and The Doan Law Firm is prepared to fight relentlessly for your rights.
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