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Twirling Ride Accident Injuries

Your Legal Rights After a Twirling Ride Amusement Park Accident

Amusement park rides come in many different shapes, sizes, and forms. Many of these attractions are designed to be thrilling. Unfortunately, from time-to-time an amusement park visitor ends up getting more than he or she bargained for, and in a terrible way.

One category of amusement park attraction that can cause visitors injuries is the twirling ride group. These cover a broad spectrum of individual attractions. However, they all include a component where a rider is spun around in some manner.

Twirling rides account for a significant percentage of all amusement park accidents that occur annually in the United States. Indeed, an amusement park injury attorney is called upon with surprising frequency to represent a client involved in a twirling ride amusement park injury accident.

Types of Twirling Ride Accidents

The list of twirling ride amusement park injury accidents is long. The sad reality is that in an alarming number of cases involving an incident with a twirling ride the injuries sustained by a patron, or multiple patrons in the same incident, are severe.

The types of accidents oftentimes associated with twirling rides are:

  • ride malfunctions
  • becoming stuck
  • hard stops
  • brake failure
  • collision with other patrons
  • ride ejection
  • falls from twirling ride
  • restraint failure
  • lack of safety net
  • safety net failure
  • ride structural failure
  • improper ride supervision
  • improper ride operation
  • improper ride speed
  • last of ride inspection
  • no ride maintenance
  • inadequate ride maintenance
  • improper ride design
  • defective twirling ride mechanics
  • defective ride parts
  • operator error
  • operator misconduct
  • operator intoxication
  • operator distraction
  • gasoline fire
  • electrical fire
  • flying ride parts

A person injured on an amusement park twirling ride, or the same type of attraction at a mobile carnival or similar venue, must understand that injury claims arising from this type of accident are highly complicated and require a unique professional skill set on the part of a personal injury lawyer. In other words, not every personal injury attorney has the training, background, or technical understanding necessary to effectively pursue an amusement park accident injury claim or lawsuit to a successful conclusion on behalf of an injured person.

Common Types of Twirling Ride Accident Injuries

A rather broad spectrum of different types of more common twirling ride accident injuries exist. Lacerations, broken bones, severe soft tissue damage top the list of commonly occurring twirling ride accident injuries.

Very serious, life-threatening twirling ride injuries also occur at amusement parks each and every year. These include traumatic brain injury and the tearing of the major artery conveying blood to a person’s brain, which can result in a stroke.

Psychological injuries resulting from twirling ride amusement park accidents cannot be downplayed. The reality is that the traumatic psychological impact of a twirling ride accident can be so profound that it harms a person for years, if not throughout the rest of his or her lifetime.

Compensation for a Twirling Ride Amusement Park Accident

Because the injuries arising from a theme park twirling ride accident can be severe, compensation can be comprehensive and substantial in some cases.

Types of compensation an injured person may be looking at in the aftermath of this type of amusement park accident include:

  • emotional distress
  • pain and suffering
  • medical expenses, including ongoing therapy
  • lost wages
  • permanent disability

An individual injured on a theme park twirling ride can seek compensation for not only existing losses, but those likely to continue to be incurred into the future. An amusement park accident lawyer, like an attorney at The Doan Law Firm, will work on your behalf to ensure payment of all compensation necessary to protect your interests and ensure you have a just resolution of your case.

Retain Amusement Park Injury Lawyer

The Doan Law Firm represents clients across the United States who are injured because of amusement park accidents. An amusement park injury lawyer is available to meet and discuss your case. An appointment with an amusement park injury lawyer can be scheduled by calling The Doan Law Firm at (800) 349-0000. The firm understands that because an accident by definition happens when you least expect it, the injury hotline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year. You can even call and talk to a life person on any major holiday.

At an initial appointment with an amusement park injury attorney, you will be provided with essential information about obtaining a settlement with an insurance company for an amusement park injury, as well as a discussion of what is involved in an amusement park injury lawsuit.

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