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Aviation Accident Investigation

Retain an Experienced Aviation Accident Attorney to Protect Your Vital Legal Rights

The National Transportation Safety Board, or NTSB, is the governmental agency that is primarily responsible for conducting the investigation of all civilian aviation accidents in the United States. As an aside, the NTSB conducts the investigation of other types of transportation-related accidents as well.

What most Americans do not realize is that the result of investigations undertaken by the NTSB cannot be entered into evidence in a court in civil lawsuit by a person injured in an aviation accident. The investigation conducted by the NTST can provide guidance to an injured person regarding the cause of an accident, and parties responsible. Nonetheless, the limitations on how the results of an NTSB investigation can be used underscore the necessity of retaining a skilled, experienced aviation accident lawyer, like a member of the legal team from The Doan Law Firm at (800) 349-0000.

Aviation Experts to Support Your Case

In representing a person like you who has been injured in an aviation accident, we do not merely rely on the efforts of government investigators when it comes to determining the cause and the party or parties responsible for the accident that caused your injuries. As a nationwide law practice, The Doan Law Firm has access to a full array of aviation industry experts that can assist us in your case. This includes experts who understand the intricate dynamics of all aspects of an aviation accident.

Compensation in an Aviation Accident Injury Case

The proper investigation of an aviation accident has a direct bearing on the compensation you can potentially receive in your case. The necessity of a proper, comprehensive investigation is underscored when it comes to a consideration of compensation in an aviation accident injury case.

With this reality underscored, there are types of injuries, damages, and losses that an aviation accident lawyer from our firm will fight to obtain on behalf of a client.

These include:

  • pain and suffering
  • mental anguish and emotional distress
  • permanent disability
  • permanent disfigurement
  • lost wages
  • property damage and loss
  • reduced or lost income

A horrible reality of an aviation accident is the fact that losses can accumulate into the future. An aviation accident injury lawyer from our firm is adept at the tactic needed to ensure that a client like you obtains full compensation in a case.

If you were injured in an aviation accident, odds are strong that you will require ongoing medical care and treatment for an indefinite period of time. You may experience chronic pain, suffering that will never abate during your lifetime. You may not be able to return to work anytime soon. Indeed, your injuries may prevent you from returning to the type of work you enjoyed prior to the aviation accident.

These all represent the types of future injuries, losses, and damages an aviation accident lawyer from our firm will seek appropriate compensation for you. Depending on what a though aviation accident investigation reveals, you may also be entitled to what are known as punitive or compensatory damages.

Punitive or compensatory damages represent additional financial recovery awarded to an accident victim in a personal injury lawsuit. Not only is this additional money designed to further compensate you, it serves to punish the party or parties that caused an aviation accident in the first instance. Punitive or compensatory damages are designed to punish a negligent party for particularly reckless of egregious conduct in causing the accident that resulted in your injuries.

The Doan Law Firm Aviation Accident Attorney Fee Promise

At The Doan Law Firm, we utilize what is known as a contingency fee agreement in an aviation accident case. What this means for you is that an aviation accident lawyer from our firm will never charge a fee in your case unless we obtain a favorable settlement of judgment for you.

At the start of our representation of you, we mutually agree on what the fee will be if we prevail in your case. The fee will be a reasonable percentage of any settlement or judgment that our firm obtains for you in your case.

Retain a Skilled, Experienced Doan Law Firm Aviation Accident Lawyer

The Doan Law Firm maintains an aviation accident hotline at (800) 349-0000. Our aviation accident hotline is staffed around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including all major holidays. You can call our firm right now, or at any other time convenient to you, and schedule an initial consultation with an aviation accident lawyer on our legal team.

During an initial consultation, we will provide you a through case evaluation. We will also make certain you get answers to your questions. The Doan Law Firm never charges a fee for an initial appointment about your aviation accident injury case.

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