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How Lawyers Determine If a Back Personal Injury Case Is Worth Pursuing

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Back injury personal injury lawyers will consult with you and then evaluate both the financial and legal aspects of pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. There are times where a lawsuit will not have to be pursued and you will not have to go to court, however, when you’re making a claim of personal injury it means that you’re prepared to go all the way to court and verdict should the defendant/defendants insurance company fail to offer fair compensation as settlement.


Initially, your lawyer is going to determine who’s liable for your back injury, or the underlying accident that led to your back injury. There are instances where the party liable is going to be another person, such as, the driver of a vehicle that hit you or your vehicle and caused your back injury. There are other instances where the party liable for your injury may be the manufacturer of a product that harmed you leading to your injury, or the owner of a property where their slippery floor posed a hazard and led to your injury.

Losses Stemming From the Back Injury

The next legal issue that’s key to define is the amount of losses that stemmed from your back injury. This will be to define and quantify the specific losses that were the result of your injury. Your losses must hold enough significance that the effort and time involved in the pursuit of a personal injury case is worthwhile.

If the injury is only a minor one that will heal within just a week or so, without any significant impact quality of life impact, it’s most likely not going to be worth it to pursue any type of a personal injury claim. Conversely, if your injury is of a serious nature and/or there’s a significant impact on your quality of life and your day to day earning capacity, it’s definitely worth the effort and time it’ll take to pursue your personal back injury case.

Financial Consideration

Being practical, whenever a lawyer is taking a case on a contingent basis, money is a factor that’s very important. Money is how the injured party is made whole and how your lawyer will get paid for taking your case to court. From the lawyer’s perspective, the best possible cases are where the defendant either has money or there is an insurance company that’s applicable to the injuries of the claimant. In these instances it’s as close to a guarantee as possible that either a judgment ordered by the court, a settlement or a jury verdict will be followed up by an actual check. Whenever there’s no fallback of an insurance policy it gets much riskier when the injured person is going against a private party for liability of their personal injury claim.

Regardless of if there’s an insurance company at play, or you’ll be going after a private party, if you’ve been injured you have rights and deserve a consultation. At The Doan Law Firm our lawyers are standing by for a free consultation 24/7/365. It doesn’t matter if its 4am or Christmas Day, your injuries don’t wait for business hours and neither do our lawyers. Contact us now at (800) 349-0000.

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