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Clergy Child Sexual Abuse Victim Lawyer

Destroying Innocence: The Injuries of a Clergy Child Sexual Victim

Obtain Justice with a Clergy Child Sexual Abuse Victim Lawyer

20 percent of all girls and 15 percent of boys are sexually assaulted, according to Psychology Today. Only a fraction of these cases are ever reported. In many cases, children never disclose their victimization to an adult, even their parents. In many cases in which a child does reveal he or she has been victimized, it is because a parent was perceptive and picked up on some subtle signs that a boy or girl was abused. This includes cases of children sexually abused by clergy members.

A child sexual abuse victim lawyer from The Doan Law Firm can provide you information about these types of claims and protecting legal rights. The legal team at the firm can be reached any time at (800) 349-0000.

An estimated 4 percent of clergy members, across all denominations, sexually abuse children. Psychology Today reports that there is not a higher rate of clergy child sexual abuse among one religious denomination over another, despite media attention focused on some churches in recent years. Although the offender rate is consistent across religious denominations, some church leaders in the past engaged in conduct designed to cover-up the illicit actions of their clergy members.

If your son or daughter is a clergy child sexual abuse victim, taking a proactive stance to protect your child’s rights and interests is vital. Being proactive includes retaining an experienced, compassionate clergy child sexual abuse victim lawyer immediately.

Clergy Child Sexual Abuse Victim Lawyer Fees

In the aftermath of your son or daughter being victimized by a trusted minister or other clergy member, that last thing you need worry about is finding money to hire a clergy child sexual abuse victim attorney to protect your child’s legal interests. The Doan Law Firm has represented innumerable clients in your position. We use what in the legal realm is called a contingency fee.

With a contingency fee agreement, you pay no fee in your case until our legal team obtains a favorable settlement of judgment in the case. The Doan Law Firm guarantees you will never pay a fee unless we obtain justice for you and the compensation you deserve.

Compensation in a Clergy Child Sexual Abuse Victim Case

The compensation potentially available to clergy child sexual abuse victim depends on the facts and circumstances of the case. Understanding these general parameters, there are some types of injuries, losses, and damages that our firm commonly obtained compensation on behalf of a client.

The financial recovery we fight to obtain for a client includes:

  • mental anguish
  • medical bills, including therapy expenses
  • pain and suffering
  • lost opportunities and income

One sad reality associated with clergy child sexual abuse victimization is that associated injuries can be profound and ongoing. For example, a clergy child sexual abuse victim may suffer from emotional and psychological conditions that can continue for an extended period of time, even a victim’s entire lifetime. As a result, a sexually abused child may need ongoing medical and therapeutic care and treatment indefinitely. This represents a type of damage that a sexual abuse victim reasonably can be expected to face in the future.

The laws of all states permit the awarding of what are known as punitive damages in some clergy child sexual abuse victim cases. Punitive damages are awarded when the conduct of a perpetrator of sexual abuse is deemed to be particularly egregious. Of course, there many instances of child sexual abuse that meet this threshold requirement of egregious conduct in order to trigger an appropriate claim for punitive damages.

Punitive damages are designed to provide additional compensation above and beyond compensatory damages. Punitive damages also serve to punish the perpetrators for his or her particularly egregious conduct.

Keep in mind that the clergy perpetrator very well may not be the only party responsible for your child’s injuries, losses, and damages. The church, or other religious organization, itself may be responsible to pay compensation in the case as well.

Hire a Clergy Child Sexual Abuse Victim Lawyer to Fight for You

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An attorney from our firm will provide you a thorough case evaluation. In addition, a clergy child sexual abuse victim attorney will provide you any additional information you may require and answer your questions. There is no fee charged for an initial consultation with our legal team.

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