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Within the United States, more than a quarter million people are affected by spinal cord injuries. Every year, approximately 10,000 people will sustain an injury to their spinal cord.

Of those 10,000, 82% are men between 16-30 years of age, and the majority of them will be the result of an even that’s traumatic, for example:

  • Criminal Acts
  • Falls
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents

Furthermore, a virus or a tumor may also be the proximate cause of the spinal cord injury. A SCI (spinal cord injury) causes damages to a person’s spinal cord. When the spinal cord is damaged it will result in the loss of feeling and/or mobility. The extent and location of which the trauma occurred will determine the injuries severity.


A bundle of nerves is what makes up the spinal cord. The spinal cord interacts with the brain by carrying nerve impulses to and from, as well as to the rest of the body. The central nervous system is formed through the actions of the brain and the spinal cord working together. Protection of the spinal cord is formed by a ring of bones which are known as vertebra. The locations of the vertebra are what are used to identify them.

The vertebras from the bottom of the spine to the top are identified as follows:

  • The Lowest Of the Vertebra Are S1 through S5 and Are Called the Sacral Vertebra – The Sacral Vertebra Extend To the Spinal Column from the Pelvis
  • The Lower Back Vertebras Are L1 through L5 and Are Called the Lumbar Vertebras
  • The Chest Has 12 Vertebras and Are Identified As T1 through T12 and Are Called the Thoracic Vertebra
  • The Neck Vertebra Contains Eight and From Top to Bottom Are Labeled As C1 through C8

Generally speaking, the higher up the damage on the spinal cord, the more devastating the extent of the injury can be. As an example, quadriplegia is associated with cervical vertebra damage.

Hiring a Lawyer

You have many choices when it comes to hiring a lawyer. When making your choice for a lawyer you need to ensure that you don’t just choose any personal injury lawyer. You’ll want to have a law firm that specializes in spinal cord injuries and lawsuits.

At The Doan Law Firm our lawyers are on staff 24/7/365. You can pick up the phone any day at any time and not get a machine or an answering service, rather an actual lawyer to assist you with your claim. Whether your injury is the result of a motor vehicle accident, motorcycle accident, assault, a fall, a criminal act, etc… you can depend on The Doan Law Firm to get you the best possible settlement. Call The Doan Law Firm today and receive the representation you deserve at(800) 349-0000.

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