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Disney World Injury Lawyer

Protect Your Vital Rights and Interests with a Disney World Injury Lawyer

Disney World is considered a magical place. The vast majority of people travel to Disney World and have one of the most amazing vacation experiences of their lifetimes. However, that is not always the case. Every year, people who travel to the pinnacle of theme parts end up involved in accidents that cause serious injuries. If this has happened to you, understanding your rights is crucial and you need to understand the benefits of retaining the services of a Florida amusement park injury lawyer.

Types of Injuries at Disney World

Disney injury cases can be divided into two broad categories. First, there is a ride injury accident. Second, there is all other accidents at the park that are not associated with a ride attraction.

A Disney ride injury case actually can include a variety of different types of injuries. These are:

  • broken bones
  • lacerations and wounds
  • soft tissue injury
  • spinal damage
  • brain damage
  • psychological injury

In addition, a significant number of non-ride related injuries occur at the Disney properties in Florida as well. These include slip and fall accidents, food-related injuries, and laceration and puncture wounds to patrons.

Amusement Park Personal Injury Case

If you are injured at Disney, an amusement park injury lawyer will work with you to pursue a negligence or personal injury claim. The process usually begins by pursuing a settlement with Disney and its insurance company.

Insurance companies are renowned for employing strategies designed to avoid paying appropriate amounts of money in the settlement of amusement park injury cases. This includes cases involving Disney. A skilled, experienced, tenacious Florida amusement park injury lawyer knows how to respond and overcome these insurance company strategies to best ensure you end up with the compensation you need in your case

Possible compensation in an amusement park personal injury case depends upon the facts of the accident and the types of injuries sustained. With that understood, compensation for an amusement park accident typically include medical bills. The reality is that the cost of medical care and treatment following an amusement park accident can be significant. In addition, medical treatment can be prolonged, and very well may include occupational and physical therapy.

You may be entitled to not only to compensation for medical expenses accumulated to date but also for those costs that you reasonably can be expected to incur in the future. Keep in mind that this can include compensation for psychological care and therapy in the future as well if you suffer from an emotional issue as a result of a Disney theme park injury.

You may also be entitled to current and future compensation for pain and suffering. Pain and suffering can be significant following a theme park accident. Moreover, a good deal of time may pass before you experience true relief from the pain associated with your injuries. Thus, you are entitled to seek compensation for future pain and suffering as well.

Other types of compensation that an experienced Disney World injury lawyer from The Doan Law Firm at (800) 349-0000 can seek for you includes recovery for current and future lost wages. Oftentimes, a person injured at an amusement park ends up missing work for an extended period of time. Indeed, you may find yourself unable to return to the same type of employment you enjoyed prior to your theme park accident.

Amusement Park Wrongful Death Case

Sadly, truly tragic accidents occur at theme or amusement parks that result in the deaths of patrons, including children. If you have a relative killed in an amusement park accident, you legally may be able to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit.

The laws governing wrongful death lawsuits are established on a state-by-state basis. Certain family members can file an amusement park wrongful death lawsuit.

Family members who may be able to file an amusement park wrongful death lawsuit include:

  • Spouse
  • Child
  • Parent
  • Sibling

Retain the Services of a Disney World Injury Lawyer

Because so much is at stake if you find yourself injured on a Disney property, you need to be proactive in retaining the services of a skilled, experienced amusement park injury lawyer. You can engage the services of a Disney World injury lawyer from The Doan Law Firm by calling (800) 349-0000. You should be proactive in engaging an amusement park injury lawyer to ensure your rights fully are protected.

A Florida amusement park injury lawyer will schedule an initial consultation with you at your convenience. A meeting can be scheduled at a Doan firm law office, your home, or some other location that is most convenient for you. There is no fee charged to meet with an attorney from The Doan Law Firm.

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