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Universal Studios Hollywood Injury Lawyer

Protecting Your Rights in a Theme Park Accident Case: Retain a Universal Studios Hollywood Injury Lawyer

A dream vacation for many people is a trip to a theme park like Universal Studios Hollywood. Such a vacation is intended to be a magical experience of pure entertainment, a time when you leave the cares of the world and daily life behind.

Unfortunately, each and every week, people are injured at theme parks. This can include everything from some types of ride injury to a slip and fall accident on the grounds of a theme park. The catastrophic amusement park ride accidents are what garner media attention when they do occur. However, there are less publicized, but injury-causing, accidents that occur at theme parks all the time, accidents that require the assistance of a California amusement park lawyer.

Documenting an Accident at Universal Studios

One of the challenges of addressing the aftermath of an accident at Universal Studios is documenting the event. Barring a major catastrophe at the venue, the hustle and bustle continues. Moreover, access can be limited as well.

Consider a ride injury at the theme park. For the purposes of illustration, assume you were injured on some sort of sharp edge protruding from part of a ride car. After the accident, you ideally would like the opportunity to take a photo or video of it. However, that very well may prove to be a challenge.

This type of challenge underscores the need to be proactive in seeking the professional assistance of a Universal Studios Hollywood injury lawyer, like a member of the legal team at The Doan Law Firm. An attorney from the firm can be reached by calling 424-334-0000. A skilled Universal Studios California injury lawyer can take steps and employ tactics to address possible shortcomings in evidence that was collected at the scene of the accident at the theme park.

Compensation for Theme Park Injury Case

The specific facts and circumstances of an injury accident at Universal Studios Hollywood govern the extent and nature of compensation potentially available to you in an amusement park accident case. Understanding this caveat, there are some types of compensation that an Universal Studios Hollywood injury attorney is likely to fight to obtain on behalf of a client.

Depending in the nature of an accident at an amusement park, including a ride injury, medical care and treatment can be extensive, resulting in significant medical bills. One area in which you likely are entitled to compensation following an amusement park injury accident is for medical expenses.

The level of pain and suffering that accompanies injuries associated with an amusement park accident can be severe. This represents another element of your overall damages to which you may be entitled to compensation in a Universal Studios accident case.

Other types of losses that warrant compensation include psychological anguish and lost wages. In addition, if you suffered a permanent injury or disability as the result of an accident at an amusement park, this is another compensable loss in a Universal Studios personal injury insurance claim or lawsuit.

Another aspect of compensation in an amusement park accident case involves what frequently are referred to as future damages. The reality is that damages you sustain in an amusement park accident can result in ongoing medical issues, pain and suffering, and even lost wages for an indefinite time into the future. Compensation for future losses must be included as part of any insurance settlement or court judgment.

If you end up retaining a Universal Studios California injury lawyer, and filing a lawsuit, your attorney may pursue punitive damages in your case. According to California law, punitive damages represent an extra amount of money paid to you in compensation.

Punitive damages are awarded in an amusement park injury lawsuit when a determination is made that a theme park, like Universal Studios, was particularly reckless in causing an accident resulting in injuries. In some cases, punitive damages ends up being a considerable amount of money, if the conduct of Universal Studios, or another park, proves particularly egregious.

Retaining a Universal Studios Injury Lawyer

A Universal Studios Hollywood injury lawyer on the legal team at The Doan Law Firm stands ready to schedule an initial consultation with you. A meeting can be scheduled immediately by calling (800) 349-0000. The Doan injury hotline is open around the clock, 365 days a year, and even on major holidays.

During an initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your case in full. An attorney will provide you with an overall evaluation of your case, and explain how the claims settlement and litigation processes work. There is no charge for an initial consultation with a California amusement park lawyer from The Doan Law Firm.

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