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Amusement Park Injury Facts

Amusement Park Personal Injury Attorney

Since amusement park injury lawsuits will usually be based either on premises liability or product liability, either case will be based on negligence — the careless actions that lead to the injury.

There is a duty for the manufacturer of the ride or apparatus on which the injury took place to design a safe product, or, once the product is issued and a defect is observed, to recall the product as defective. In an amusement park injury, if the manufacturer has had any understanding, communication, or research that shows a defect was known to have been present, it becomes a liability for that party. If a merry-go-round operator knows that one of the horses has a mechanism that sometimes skips and, extrapolating the defect out, would possibly throw a child to the pavement, that operator has not responsibly acted in good faith in maintaining their ride. If a death occurs, it becomes a wrongful death case.

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